Hi All
We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Corfu, it was fantastic :sun2

We stayed at the Paleo Inn Hotel in Paleokastritsa. The accommodation was great and the location was excellent i would highly recommend.

We took out 200 euros and the rest in cash as we thought the exchange rate would be better.

We exchanged at the Paleo Inn rate 1.23 in the first week and on Thursday 22nd may rate went down to 1.13. A lot of supermarkets exchanged and the rate was about the same, we just found it easier at the Paleo Inn.

The weather was a bit mixed couple of days with some rain, but it didnt stop us doing anything, it was mainly 25+.

We found Corfu very reasonable compared to Kefalonia last year. A bottle Mythos was 2.50 euro at bars and restaurants. greek salad at the Paleo 4 euro bars and rest 5.50 euros. 1/2 a carfa wine 3.50 - 4.50 at bars and rest. we thought eating out was very reasonable.

We would definately return to Corfu again.

Michele :cheers