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not sure what actual mobile you are staying in at teh site , but there should be bbq,s and sunloungers and if not just grab the courier of the site and they will sort you out inmediately , they could always borrow stuff of Eurocamp who are on teh same site and are both owned by holiday break

never heard then described as rabbit hutches but i suppose if soemone is used top a 3 bedded villa or eve a 2 bedded apartment in a complex , Mobile homes are gonna seem smaller in comparison , BUT WHY DO YOU NEED TO BE INSIDE APART FROM SLEEPING and u never said how many people are in your party and also these reports how many there are as 7 people incl 4 adults in a mobile will make it feel like a rabbit hutch
Hi ballymac, not actually stayed in keycamp accomodation but we did discuss doing so after we looked at them while in Estartit. They seem perfectly adequate and as we spent a holiday in a so called rabbit hutch (where you got that from I don't know as they are nothing like it) with 5 adults and had no problems, I shouldn't imagine you'll have any bother at all. go and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
P.S Yes sunloungers are normally standard as are bbqs, tables and chairs.
Reply theres the keycamp website it will show you treh size and also teh accom on teh estartit site
I thought id better post here as some people seem to have taken my joke comment on that other thread the wrong way!!!

The type of accom myself and Club Catastrophe were having a larf about was the type A as featured on this site:

....and in all honesty, they DO look like a throwback to campsite accommodation over a decade ago, they really aint the best! However, most of the mobiles these days are excellent, i wasnt being patronising towards mobile homes at all.........after all, i go to campsites all the time!! :)

However, the crucial thing is how many people you have in them! We book a Phoenix Lux 6 in Castell Montgri, but there are only 2 of us, and they are great.......but im sure if you put 6 people in there it wouldnt be so nice! How you load them makes all the difference! We also stayed in those diamond lodges that are featured on that link above, and those were great too, but once again, just the two of us, for 2 adults and 2 large kids, it would have been a nightmare!
next time ur at estartit pop ur in head in one of the mobile a or bs there near the tennis courts and u will see exactly what he means!! rabbit hutch has hit the nail in the head. the must be at least 10 mabye 15 years old. RABBIT HUTCH :idea: priceless
club catastrophe Please do not post in phone text style or your posts may be deleted. Thanks.
Have'nt stayed at that camp but stayed at the one in Lake Garda and the caravans ain't the best.No ovens only 2 cooking rings and that's it was in ours so if you don't mind that then i'm sure it would be fine.It was'nt so bad on the size front
i think what needs to be actually pointed out is the question was about Keycamp accom not Club C as i have seen teh "A" mobile home and belive me Keycamp does noy actually own any off them Rabbit Hutches on ANY sites they use

so in answer to teh question about Keycamp look at the link to the website i put and taht will put your mind at rest

as for the post about a 2 ring burner/oven , how nmany apartment complexes have you ever been in that have more than that ????????/ i can say in my time 1 in 28 years and that was in MALTA and it also had a full lounge 3 bedrooms a huge kitchen including full cooker and dishwasher and a huge bathroom , infact bigger than a lot of houses , not bad ofr a AOA :D
Hey, i agree.

I wouldnt swap my Phoenix Lux 6 at Castell Montgri for any of the apartments in Estartit town!! :)
thanks for all the replies, :D
True but i did expect a bit more from a caravan than an apartment having stayed in caravans over here i thought they would be similar there.The one at Lake Garda is a Keycamp site along with others :)
you will find taht with Keycamp and Eurocamp sites around Lake Garda seem to have only 1 style or maybe 2 styles of mobile homes and tents , one of these is not used in teh other countries and when you see the homes in some of the spainish and french sites you will be suprised , also one thing you have to realsie is that these sites are open for the season only and then all mobiles and tents are moved away , some of the uk homes are massive and bedded in as they are not moved and yes they will have a full kitchen but as i said if you look at teh ville grande and most of teh keycamop brochures you will find FULL kitchens and also a lot of teh older vans (whcih were inherited from Eurosites ) have been replaced with luxury ones , especially as i said in france and spain where teh pictches are bigger and the camps arent as big , italy tends to have smaller pitches and some sites around Grada ie BELLA ITALIA are bigger tahn small towns 4500pitches x 7 people is a lot of people , and teh pitches are smalleer to fit them in
I've looked at the link and it's the same pics for the supernova 29 for Lake Garda where we stayed as it is for Costa Brava so they are probably going to be the same are'nt they?

We booked 2 Supernova 29's for Italy and they certainly was'nt as good as they look in the picture
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