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Lake District
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Pippi knows that part of the lake district very well :D :D - its a very beautiful part of the lake district and also very peaceful if that appeals to you :D :D . I nearly booked there myself last year but decided against it at the last minute because it clased with something else. :(

Know it and love it! It's without a doubt my favourite part of the country :D

I know Dalegarth station well too, it's where the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway terminates, but I don't know The Chalets I'm afraid.
During my last visit to Boot, we stayed at Bridge End Farm Cottages (absolutely beautiful with great fell views), five minutes walk from the station.

Sorry I can't help further :(

Pippy :D
I expect you've already seen a few websites, but just in case here are a couple with general info....

If you decide The Chalets aren't for you, have a look at my previous posts for info on the cottage we stayed in.

Pippy :D
they look good to me - infact very reasonably priced :D :D . too good to miss - ok maybe not as cosy as a cottage but quite a big price difference - if im reading it right - especially at easter when the prices in the lake district seem to shoot up.

Thanks for the feedback guys! :D :D :D

Am familiar with the area, as my mum was born and grew up
in Eskdale Green - just wondered about the Accomodation.

One of the issues I thought might be with being so close to the Ratty
(for those not in the know, a small miniature train that runs here).
However have checked and only runs Sat + Sun this time of year.

Also, as rightly pointed out, is very reasonably priced,
so think I will go for it - and will report back on here in a few weeks.

Thanks again! :D
Yes, they look lovely inside, very modern, great facilities.
For the interest of others, THIS is La'al Ratty, I've travelled the line dozens of times, it's a lovely day out :wink:
im tempted to book a week there as well. :D :D I did notice after checking again because the price seemed so cheap that the school holidays were dearer tho
I've just returned from a weekend in the lakes (stayed in my friends spare bed so can't help a lot on accommodation) and a lot of the guest housey type places had vacancy signs up, may be worth giving a few a ring in wherever you want to stay, maybe negotiate a bit, I know my friend's family who have a hotel don't mind making less of a profit at this time of year as long as they fill the place up, all good publicity and all that, as long as they're not making a loss
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

As promised, have just returned from the aforementioned Chalets, at Boot and am very happy to report that they were indeed an excellent choice. They are every bit as good as they appear on the web-page ( and happily recommend them for anyone who wants to stay in the "real" Cumbria.

We are already planning our next visit to Eskdale, and will definitely be booking at the Chalets again - an absolutely superb setting and ideal for partaking in some of the most beautiful Dale and Lakeside walks in Cumbria.

In fact I can still hear the gentle sound of the River Esk running past the end of the garden... :sulk
Hi S O G

I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday! I totally agree with you about that area being the 'real''s stunningly beautiful.

Did you walk past St Catherine's down to the river?

Pippy :D
Hi Pippy, yes we did. We walked up past the church then cut back across River Esk and walked back down to Forge Bridge
(popping into the George IV Pub for a pint before heading back!!!).
Absolutely beautiful.

Incidentally I know the church well because my mum was born in the area, and was actually christened in St Catherine's Church.
Plus my Great Grand Parents used to run the George!

Not sure how I ended up stuck living in Sussex.....
I think Forge Bridge is near Bridge End Farm where I stayed. Such a lovely area! If only our weather was more predictable I'd go there again and again!

The village pubs are great, really traditional and good food.

I'm a Sussex girl too :wink:

Pippy :D
If anyone would like to read Sea of Gold's review, you may do so HERE :tup

Pippy :D
hubby and i are thinking of drivimg from glasgow to lake district next week and staying overnight. i don't know anything about the area. [terrible ! i know] so has anyone any suggestions as were to visit or a reasonable but nice place to stay the night. we've been talking about doing this for ages and we've finally got a weekend off together. so i hope the weather changes abit for us. thanks for any help you can give me for this trip.
My favourite place!!!!!

If its just a quick stay then you must stay in the "true" Cumbria
and so can recommend the GeorgeIV pub in Eskdale Green.

Lovely old pub, very friendly owners and good food and ale.
The rooms are very reasonable, and can be checked on:-

Hope you enjoy!
Hi SOG :wave

That looks very much like the pub immediately next to Bridge End Farm cottages where I stayed a couple of years ago.

If it is that pub, you'd get to it by turning left out of the station, walking down the road a little way, turning left opposite the lane leading to the church, walking a little further and it would be on the left.

Is it opposite a small gift type shop and down near the bridge?

If that's the one, we had several very nice meals there, not to mention several pints of delicious real ale!

Pippy :D
Edit. Just found a pic of the road I'm thinking of. It's the last pic I posted in the following link. The gate to Bridge End Farm is immediately in the foreground, there's a white building next to the gate (that's the farm laundry room), the pub was just past that white building.
:oops: I'm completely on the wrong track :oops:

The pub I'm thinking of is called The Boot Inn, formerly The Burnmoor Inn... :roll:
Hi Pippy, its alright I also know (and have eaten in) the Boot Inn - formerly the Burnmoor Inn.
The George IV sits at the edge of Eskdale Green - opposite the road which leads down to Boot.
Hope this helps you! :lol:
Thanks, you've sorted my confuddled mind! :lol:

I know the pub you mean now.

Pippy :D
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