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I had to upload to you tube to get this on. We were in Capetown and went to a tour of some townships. This was Langa, a black township. We were invited into the Baptist Church. When we got out of the car, the sound from the church took my breath away. I got really emotional during this service- it was just so beautiful. Our driver had said 20 mins but we just couldn't tear ourselves away for quite a long time. Maybe it doesn't come over so well on video.
👍 As you say probably the atmosphere makes it.
Oh, this is wonderful music. It seems to me that which genre you wouldn't give preference to, this is suitable for everyone.
I love to find such records. The quality is not important here, what is important here is that the person wanted to share his impressions with everyone. For example, I wouldn't be able to convey in words what I feel at such events in my church. Words can't convey what exactly you heard, what you felt at that moment. After all, even if all the people who are with you in the room sing and hear one song, only their special sacrament occurs in everyone's soul. The video recordings bring us even a little closer to reproducing the impressions of those who were present there.
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