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I can never seem to find a reasonable airfare between cape Town and the uk. I do know that many find cheapish flights to the States from Dublin- but that would mean another stop in your itinerary 😆
Thank you, Fiona, seems like I may as well start directing my questions straight at you at this point lol.

Everything just seems so ridiculously expensive lol. Going to be absolutely broke after this trip haha, so have to make sure its worth it haha. :(
Hey Matt,

Yeah I can help you too much with the flights from London to JHB, I guess you going to have to shop around. But if you in South Africa when you want to go from JHB to CT you have 3 options, rent a car, take a bus or fly, If you got some time then I would maybe rent a car. The best thing is to compare prices. Domestic Flights South Africa has a comparison engine that does all 3 (bus, flights and car rental) and is pretty usefull, try it out and it could save you some money in the long run. Also check out Mango and Flysafair, they are the cheapest airlines in South Africa and have good specials for flights from joburg to cape town.

Best of luck
Hey Dom,

Thank you for the help, really appreciate it. Actually ended up staying in Cape Town lol. Really loved it here so decided to extend my trip. Been an amazing 3 weeks. (Actually, meet a pretty cool girl). So she managed to convince me to hang around for a while. Going to explore Southern Africa for a while, already did a road trip to Nambia. Going to do Zimbabwe and Mozambique still. Then finish off in Cape for my last week, and head to England on the 16th Feb.

Going to spend valentines in Cape Town, so if you have any suggests for things to do in Cape Town for Valentine's day wouldn't say no to help haha.
I would love to visit Namibia! Did you like it?
For Valentines- depends how adventurous you are. What about abseiling down Table Mountain?
There are loads of great restaurants by the Waterfront.
There are loads of beaches around to bring along s picnic to. Or use the hop on/ off bus to visit Kirstenbosch. I think these botanical gardens are in a stunning location. Picnic there ( there is a restaurant if you don't fancy carting a picnic around.
Sunset on top of Table Mountain, with a bottle of wine? There are a few ideas for you there .
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Matt, so glad you ended up staying in South Africa, now is when the best weather and most of the tourists have left (no offense), also cool that you found a girl in Cape Town.

To be honest im not much of valentines person and most things will be super busy. Here is a list of valentines things to do in Cape Town and the website updates all the time from what I understand :)
Have a great time in Cape Town, sounds like you like to travel as much as me :)
Just remembered our favourite restaurant- Mama Africas.
More Info here
If you are going- its best to reserve a table.W e tried the game meat- including kudu and crocodile. Its quite a lively place.
You really must, was absolutely break taking - Southern Namib was incredible. Genuinely didn't know the sea met the desert. Think we could call that irony haha.
-Lol, don't know about abseiling down table mountain haha.

Thank you, Fiona, really like the botanical gardens idea, and table mountain with a bottle of wine. Think may just make a day off it.
Thank you, Dom, yeah pretty happy about that. Its definitely gotten a lot more quiet, than it was in December.

But thank you, will check out the link. Seems like there's a few idea there. Although I am on a little bit of budget lol.
I love the slogan for the abseiling company- we always let you down!
If you use the hop on/ off bus for the gardens, I think there is a wildlife centre a little further on - which we liked.
Namibia- everyone says the same. We will get there sometime!
haha, that's a brilliant slogan. Will definitely check that out - hop on/off buses have been on my list for a while. So even more reason for me to check out.
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