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Re: Loro Parque
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We'll be at the Bahia Principe, which is probably first pick up/last drop off...not great.
Thanks for the web site, I will check that out.
Just to update, we did pre-book with Tenerife Sunshine and the journey time to Loro Parque was 2.5 hours, due to several pick-ups in PDLA. To be fair, on the return journey they pulled into the coach depot outside of PDLA and swapped us to a coach with people for Los Gigantes, so we went straight to Playa Paraiso which shortened the travel time considerably.

Excellent price with Tenerife Sunshine, we paid 36 Euros per adult whereas I noticed First Choice wanted 51 !

Loro Parque was excellent and we saw all the shows.

Quite liked the look of Puerto de la Cruz and would certainly consider a stay up there in the future, for a change of scene.
We visited Loro Parque for the first time during our holiday last month and really enjoyed it. It took us a little over an hour to get there by car from PDLA but it's an easy drive. An advantage of having a hire car was that after arriving at 11 am, we were able to stay right up to when the park shut at 6.45 pm, long after the main bulk of visitors had departed to be bussed back to their resorts and the best time to enjoy an unhindered stroll round the park when the animals are most active.

Planet Penguin was good - you just stand on the slow-moving conveyor belt which takes you round their replicated Antarctica habitat where they even reproduce falling snow. All the shows are excellent. Even the ubiquitous parrot show was better than most with lots of free-flying around the auditorium in between the usual parrot tricks we've all seen before. The Orca show was impressive though the trainers did not go in the water with them at all. It's obvious which seats will get soaked by the whales during the show so no excuses if you end up drenched. While waiting for the show to begin, they train a couple of cameras on various people in the audience so you could find yourself shown on the big electronic screen with a comical speech balloon caption added next to you. It's good fun though.

Entry was €32 (ages 12 & above) and €21 (children aged 6-11) at the gate and they also charge a couple of euros for parking the car but once inside the park they had the offer of a second visit for just €10 each if you return within a fortnight, a good deal if you fancied another visit during your holiday. My advice is go. You're bound to enjoy it.
Glad everyone enjoyed Loro Parque. It is a great day out I have to agree. As to the trainers not getting in the water with them. This is due to health and safety reasons following a tragic accident earlier this year when one of the trainers lost his life. I am sure we all agree we would much rather everyone be safe. I am staying in Puerto this year so will post when I get back to let everyone know what it is like.
Hi we are staying at the first Choice ,Luabay Costa Los Gigantes in October and would like to visit the Loro Parque during our stay.

Is this trip offered through the tour companies at the reps welcome meeting or will we have to make our own way ?

If we have to do it ourselfs is there transport from the Los Gigantes area or would we be better of hiring a car.

Thanks ...
Hi MilleMiglia .. I have added your post on to this existing Loro Parque topic, in the hope that it might attract the attention of any members who are subscribed. Whilst it is likely that your tour operator will offer Loro Parque as an excursion, opinion is usually that you might get a better deal from a local agent. I see that just a few posts above, Crockett does mention a coach for Los Gigantes passengers.

David :wave

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