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On 15th March 2021 at 02:19pm, delteach said:
Hello Everyone
We are planning a trip to the Maldives for our 20th wedding anniversary,
We are looking at booking via an online travel agent, that includes all the bits and pieces, one question that we cannot find any info about really is the Green Tax., question is if we book via a travel company is this taken care of within the holiday cost or does it need paying on arrival or departure,
Plus any other information anyone has about getting the best from our stay would be appreciated

I have spent a little time trawling the internet about this and cannot find an answer. According to the blurb it is the responsibilty of the owner of the accomodation who is responsible for collecting it - different rules for Cruise Operators - I will assume you will be using a reputable well know agent/travel company and would ask them what the rules are. If they don't know then I would not book with them. Sorry but best I can do.
Thanks for your input FWH , I will be booking with a reputable company and do hope they have the relevant information, otherwise like you said no go., travelling that distance we would like the security of having a company on hand, not getting any younger to be trying to rush around etc

Thanks again
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