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Really nice feature Lance , managed to quickly add photos from my iPad to my profile and post , really easy and very handy to be able to put pics to a thread to help describe anything or just for fun
Cheers Andy it will only evolve - I have now featured a couple of your images which is now on the live gallery for the whole site to see..

Take a look...

Hi Lance
What's the situation regarding videos in the media gallery.?
Is there a limit on the size of the video to be uploaded and what's the situation regarding any accompanying music.?
Does it have to be royalty free or ok just to give credit to the artist.?

Hi Sanji - on the video front I will talk to the developers here and come back....

Im puzzled by the upload procedure. You say an upload creates a topic to discuss? what If i want to upload 6 pictures on the same topic? Does it create 6 topics ?? I browsed for 3 pictures, forgot to enter details for the first 2, but entered them for the third. Then I pressed upload. Only one picture was actually uploaded. How do you group pictures to upload as an album ?
what's the situation regarding any accompanying music.?
Does it have to be royalty free or ok just to give credit to the artist.?

Think you will find that you cannot use any music under copyright. Youngest has to go though the hoops when he makes any of his showreels getting clearance for film and cannot get permission for music without paying for it - and it can be expensive.
Frank - you should have the ability to upload 10 photos per topic..
Lance, I'm going to have to disagree with you. Have you actually tried this yourself ? Every photo you browse for overwrtes the one you just browsed for. Only ONE picture ever appears in the upload box. worse still, if you wrote a description of the first picture that was in the upload box, and browse for a second, the original description remains when the first picture is now gone! Try it and see!

Edit:- OR .. is the single upload window targetted at whatever you enter in the "TITLE" box ? so If I upload 2 pictures to the same TITLE, does this group them into a topic called "TITLE" ?. There are no instructions to make this clear.
  • Edited by Frank 2017-03-10 12:22:58
Frank you are incorrect.

Please go to my profile I have just uploaded 3 photos so unsure what you are seeing at your end, but it is not correct. I know it is as people are uploading 10 photos at a time - please look at Sanji's profile. Its like any other website where you upload multiple images, do not click the image twice, add then go back into your photo area on your computer. When you go into your computer area where the photos are, tick the box next to each photo and then it allows to add multiple. On your phone, you do not upload one at a time, it is a box ticking exercise to then upload.

It is not about writing a description on every photo - it is an album, you can then write descriptions on each photo at the photo level.

I know it works as all other people have had no issues!
Well congratulations to all the other people on their mindreading abilities. I wasn't using a phone, I was using a computer and for a computer you don't get boxes to tick or any indication that multiple seletion in one visit is on the cards. What you meant, but didn't say it that once you enter your photo directory on your PC you are supposed to know to PRESS CTRL +CLICK on every picture you wish to upload to select them without returning to the forum. Only then do all the pictures appear in the upload window.

Well now I've uploaded them (just to test the system) what now? I see a topic has been created. Am I supposed to say something about them ? Is that how it works ?
Frank - you do get boxes to tick next to your images, the box will be on the top corner when you hover or when you view them in a list format on the left. If you are using windows - assume you are, there will be that option.

Unsure what you mean are you supposed to say something about them, this is a gallery of images that are personal to you put also creates a feed in the gallery forum - if you want to talk about them or people want to talk about them you can do that via the feed you now have in the gallery or via the 'view comments' tab next to each picture.

This system is very self explanatory and is aimed at interaction with the photos - hence when uploading images instead of just uploading and nothing, your upload created a topic thread in the forum to show people there has been new pictures posted.
Lance I'm using Windows 10 on a nearly new machine. I can tell you categorically that there are no boxes to tick in any viewing mode, hover or no hover on my PC. You can only select multiple images from the browse window by CTRL+ click on each image. Maybe what you describe is a Windows option somewhere, but I'm not seeing it.

I figured out that after posting images the thread created is where I would then go to add comments. Having wasted the best part of an hour writing a review which was then discarded when I used the back button, I wont be writing it again.
I disagree that it is self explanatory. That is a matter of opinion.
Frank, unsure about the back button and the review - I have just done the same thing on TA and it again wiped the review as well - so not a HT fault.

I will talk to our developers to see if there is away we can save the review or cache it.

Thanks for your feedback

Having Googled WIndows 10 multi image selection, I have found out that the tick box is an option in the view tab of Windows explorer. Having chosen that option I can now see tick boxes when I hover over images. However, it could have been made clearer in your gallery that your upload box was intended for bulk upload of multiple image selections at a single browse session, saving a bit of faffing about. :wink:
I'll certainly give this a try, plenty of pics to upload :D
On 27th February 2017 at 09:27pm, Lance Chambers said:
Hi All

We have now released the media gallery that we have been working on behind the scenes and how that should also now be an integral part of the forum. The aim of the gallery is not just to show photos at user level and website level, it is also to get everyone talking about those images that have made that holiday special and captured with photo content. The aim is not just to load the website with hundreds of images which add no value. From my reading on this forum, it was founded on sharing those good times people experienced with everyone here and also helping people when in need with advice. Having the forum interact with the gallery in the way we have structured it, we have tried to preserve those two sentiments.

Points to note from the gallery are as follows:

1. Everyone now has their very own photo section in their profile and can upload what photos they want against their profile. They will then be stored their as your own albums;

2. Each upload will then also create a forum thread which will encourage interaction from the users and the forum pictures;

3. Comments can be made against picture(s);

4. In order to upload pictures (I believe - may need to check with our development team), a user needs to have 10 forum posts. This stops the potential spammers/idiots from using the gallery maliciously;

5. The moderators on the site will have the ability to 'tag' or 'feature' specific photos on the public gallery that they feel are worthy of that plushies. The 'gallery' tab on the top will in effect act as a feature wall for the whole site to see - aim again to create and have on public display some amazing sweetiest content and snaps and get users generating some interaction around those pictures; and

6. As the gallery grows we will then implement and address albums/filing/sorting into areas/destinations/countries etc.

Again, the gallery is a new feature and as the content grows, so will its structure and feature capability.


Really nice feature Lance , managed to quickly add photos from my iPad to my profile and post , really easy and very handy to be able to put pics to a thread to help describe anything or just for fun
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