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Medical info
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htpp:// run by british doctor in Puerto Rico more info @
Thankyou twinky winkey for your help.
Hi just came across this info:-
British Medical Clinic
Avenida Roca Bosch s/n
Bungalows Martina 19
Tel (0034) 928 56 00 16
Fax (0034) 928 56 08 12
being nosey but why would you need a blood count, if diabetic then you will have your own device,
if for other reasons then you would have medication with you .
Its for my husband who has medical problems and yes he does have his own medication but also has to have his bloods checked.
hi gabe51 hope the info i gave you have helped. :tup
Dr Paul and mary are really helpful at the British Medical clinic. :tup
As Louise says Doc Paul and nurse mary are spot on.. and Twinky winky has the address,
For visual references, almost opposite McDonalds 2 doors down from martinicas, the beauty salon.

Hope all is Ok
Thankyou for all your help have been to puerto rico a few times before but not since hubby got sick so have to no about these things in advance before going .
Hi. I'm Mary from the British Medical Clinic. We can do any required blood tests for you. When you arrive, then ring me and we can arrange an appointment. 928 56 00 16.
We need to do any tests before 10.30 but other than that there are no restrictions on days of the week. The results are usually back within 24-48 hours or sooner for some tests. Dr Paul can then make any adjustments to your treatment - ie warfarin levels. We can give you a copy of your results to take back to your GP if required.
Hope that helps and enjoy your holiday
Thanks a million mary for your help and when we get there i will ring you or call to you it might not be till 2009 but its great to no these things in advance it puts ours minds at rest to no you are there.
Hi mary (enfermera)......does your clinic deal with EHIC patients or only private

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