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Hi Keith, whilst you are waiting for sone replies, check out this site.

I have only used Amigo24 in Benidorm, so unfortunately cant personally recommend anyone in Costa Brava.


Kath x
Thanks Kath a big help maybe I will change the location of my holiday.
Keith X
Keith, on that link, at the bottom it says delivery to Costa Brava area. Thought you might be able to speak to them and se eif they can help ?

kath x
Hi Keith :D

I don't know of a mobility scooter hire shop in Tossa, hopefully someone else on here might know of one there, but there is definitely one in Malgrat if anyone is interested. It's on the opposite corner to the H.Top Hotel Planamar which is pretty central to all the hotels there. They hire out allsorts, disabled equipment, irons, hairdryers etc.

I hope you are able to find a mobility scooter in Tossa, Keith :D

Happy Holidays :mrgreen:
KEITHM wrote:
Thanks Kath a big help maybe I will change the location of my holiday.
Keith X


I think that comment was rude and uncalled for when Kath was only trying to help if you had looked a little further before replying.

luci HT Mod
Hi luci HT Mod.
Sorry but no way was I being rude to Kath. you read it wrong or I missed a coma, if it was taken in the wrong way I opologise. Regards Keith
Sorry Keith, I apologise if I misread your post. I read it quickly in my lunch break and it sounded as if you were being sarcastic. Reading it again I can see that it could be taken two ways and I obviously read it the wrong way.

If you are undecided on where to travel then perhaps the information in our DISABLED PERSONS FORUM may help you decide. Benidorm is mostly flat and there were a huge amount of mobility scooters out there last week.

luci :wave
I was just checking this for myself ,
I found a few that operate in tossa de mar,
Just google
Disabled buggys in tossa de mar and a list will come up ,
Tossa is well worth a visit.
PS tossa has pretty good streets and pavements so using a buggy should be fine ,
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