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the papagayo area has nude beaches.

kath x
Are they easy to get to and safe my wife has not been nude on a beach before
Papagayo very easy to get too from playa blanca, you have to drive down an unmade road after paying a small fee, just follow the signs from playa blanca roundabout. Its a bit bumpy and dusty along the track but safe and very well used. at the end are the carparks for a number of beautiful coves and beaches, take the right fork for the large beach which tends to be naturist at either end and users in swimwear in the middle areas! Very safe beaches and the best on the island in terms of scenery.
There is a bar/cafe at the main papagayo beach. Well worth the drive out.
Depending on where you are staying, Charco del Palo, near Mala is also very well known as a naturist village.

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