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Hi, Baldur (I presume you meant him) is in Bulgaria on vacation till late Sept. You still have time to open a Flex Card account. read his previous postings about new rules. I have just come back, Banks and Hotels were offering 2.10 I got up to 2.25, quite a difference if you are cashing up for a family. Cheers. Tonyt
Thanks for that. When I was in golden sands the bowling alley booth was offering 2.8 in 2007 and the hotel slavey in which I was staying was giving 2.5. All I was trying to acertain is if the booths can rip you off, as I had no trouble with them in 2007. Staying at the the pliska this year. If it is good as last time I will be like a child with a new toy untill I fly out in august. Excellent forum and will report on my holiday on my return.
Hi, have had reports that the CROWN Booths in Sunny Beach are not as good this year, also other type of Booths are to be avoided like the plague. The rate has dropped since your last visit, todays rate at the raiffeisen bank was only 2.23. Gatwick Airport last week it was 1.96 and another at 2.03. you would get a better rate in the likes of Varna or Dobrich. Cheers Tonyt.
Hi Tonyt,
Might go to varna and change in the banks there. Also a good excuse to have a few cheaper beers than the resort. Befriended a taxi driver ( Ilia ) last time we were there so a cheap taxi ride wont go amiss :tup
Cornish lad.
Hi & welcome I'm in GS right now the bank at the Admiral is giving 2.20 leva tothe pound in Varna it's around 2.25 - 2.27 we changed 300 quid yesterday
Thanks for the info. Hope your hols are going okay. Maybe you can keep me updated how your visit is going. I love GS me and my wife have made so many friends over there, August seems so far away.
I suggest a meal in the restaurant on the corner of the sea front which has an opoen front and dancers and singers sorry cant remember the name, but serves up a good quality meal at a good price.
Cornish lad :cheers
Probably the one opp The Bonita Hotel called The Gerana...? It does have a cabaret/floor show at 9pm and the food is excellent and well priced.

regards, Jim.
Hi monaco,
Yes that the one. They do fanstatic meat on the sword. The waiters are genuinely kind and do look after you.Not not long now just over a month before I go. :tup
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