I am writing on here as I am discusted at the way I was handled with this particular company. I have been in the travel industry for quite a while and never experiencd this problem, and the reason why I am writing this is becuase I dont want people to have to go through what my clients went through on their trip.

I booked a lady travelling to Finland tailor made to Finland the lady wanted to go on the ice breaking tour along with over night trains etc. The day before the client was due to depart the client calls me to say she is booked in the wrong hotel I had no conf in front of me , I could only go on the word of the operator that what was rquested was confirmed, not only has her hotel changed without the concent of either of us but they arecharging over £100 more on the orginal price and changed from her staying in a single first class cabin to a 2nd class 2 berth cabin. I call the agnet as I thought what might have been a typing error to be told that the hotel was not available so therefore they took it upon their selvs to book alternative, I stated to the agent we do not want that hotel given and I explained to her she should have advised myself or the client I was then cut off and she would not answer my calls while I was trying to sort the problem out! time was running out as I tired to deal with someone else there they knew who I was and again kept cutting me off , they did not seem bohered at all about my client who had paid so much money for a trip she didn't agree to pay for. In the end we opted to find her a hotel at late notice on the day of travel! the lady did end up travelling but cost us money in the long run to sort the problem!! just b careful and check all your data , I will not be using these people again!!