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Olu Deniz
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Until you get some up to date prices I can draw your intention to a post I made here regarding prices in August 2010. It's only a guide but you'll know they will be at least those prices, if not more :tup
Hi a bottle of beer is about 6 lira, snacks can very a lot To give you some idea to eat in at the buzz bar they have their menu on their web page buzzbeachbar com. To buy sandwich from Azda is a lot cheaper or kebabs good value!
Just looked on an exchange chart and if the beer costs 6 lira at todays exchange rate of 2.90 the bottle would cost £2.06 sterling.
Thanks everyone for your replies, appreciated
you will love olu deniz we have been twice now and love it.. :sun2
you will love olu deniz we have been twice now and love it..

:rofl been 6 or 7 times (staying up in Hisaronu) - not been back for some time now but I'm still in touch with someone who owns a shop there. Did you paraglide off of Babadag Mountain??
ummm noooooooooo :yikes daughter did it i am not brave enough :que

off to dalyan in 23 hours whoohoo :sun2
:rofl I had pictures on here somewhere of when we did it. Although I think they make passengers wear more than swimming costume and shorts now :rofl

OOOO Have a brill time :tup :tup
just to add to this very old message, i am due back in Olu next year this will be my 4th visit. I have to say its one of the best places i've visited for a relaxing holday
Everyone to their own an all but Olu relaxing?
I went for 2 weeks and found it to be a busy resort and at the Blue lagoon you are are packed in like sardines.
Been to Turkey a few times and found Bitez to be relaxing more so than Olu.
Probably like lots of places it depends on the time of year you travel.
2-4 sterlin in beaches.

On the other way in the clubs more expensive max 5 sterlin.
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