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I have been told that Pissouri is a quiet place to stay. Its away from the nightclubs etc. If you put in a search within this Cyprus Forum you will come accross my thread asking what is in Pissouri. It looks very nice.
sorry I cant answer your question about tides/currents etc
I've cut and pasted some things from my previous thread, as I dont know how to do a link.
help this helps

This is whats in Pissouri

Pissouri, B6 passing through:
1 mini market
1 butchers
1 pharmacy
1 take away
1 restaurant
1 police station
1 petrol station

Pissouri village:
2 mini markets
1 butchers
1 baker
2 takeaways
8 ish Cypriot restaurants
1 pizza place
1 guy selling crepes
1 pub

Pissouri beach:
2 mini markets (may be 3 now)
7 ish Cypriot restaurants
1 indian restaurant
1 pizza place


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Plagiarism, don't you just love it.
At least you left my name at the end. ;)

This website is an excellent source of information on Pissouri which, by the way, could in no way be described as a resort.
There is the bay/beach area, and there is the village, which itself is effectively in 2 parts.

We stay in Pissouri every year we are over, at the Rantzo apartments in the B6 area of Pissouri. Excellent place, and Panikos and Mellios the owners (brothers) are great guys!

Hello, I live in Pissouri. It`s a quiet place, quite spread out. There is Pissouri village itself which is about 3km of twisty roads from the beach (too far to walk) and Pissouri Bay/jetty which is where most of the holiday accomodation is. The beach is nice, but pebbly. Plenty of sunloungers etc and watersports. No undercurrants that I`ve heard of. There are quite a few nice beaches not far from here but you would need to have a car.
Hi I have just come back from Pissour (last night i flew home) I love, love, love Pissouri. I stayed in a lovely Villa which was just a few mins drive away from the Villiage. We spent most of our nights eating in each of the Tavernas in the Square - the Hideaway being my favourite.
Pissiouri Jetty is nice, which a few Tavernas and plenty of water sports going on. Both the Village and Jetty have a nice, quiet feel about it.
Cant wait to go back
briggsy2007 wrote:
Cant wait to go back
Same here!!

We ususlly stay at the Rantzo, but have stayed in one of their villas (Kapsalia Villas) near the Olympus restaurant.
I'd recommend either/both!!
Where exactly is Pissouri?? :que

Pissouri is half way between Paphos and Limassol. Hello :wave:
:D Yes, but I didn`t give precise map co-ordinates! The village has been packed over the last few nights, with it being a Cyp Bank Holiday. They certainly know how to party! Shame the Cyp night isn`t on on Wedesdays anymore. Not this season anyway.
Traceyincyprus, just asking on the off chance as you live in Pissouri. Do you know Paul and Tina Robertshaw, they own the Villa Cypriana which we stayed in? Also, I bought the book 'Plastic bag in trees' by Val Day - have you read it?? I found it very good.

Also, being nosey lol - but how long have you lived in Cyprus? lucky person.
No I don`t know them. We maybe live at opposite ends of the village. A friend has `plastic bag trees`, I am going to read it after her. We have been in Cyprus for 2 years, best thing we ever did :tup
edwards.m - just asking where you stay at the Rantzo - is this a hotel? As me and my daughter are going back to Cyprus for a week end of April, and are looking for somewhere to stay cheaply in pissiouri
The problem with the Rantzo is that you woud definately need a car. If you stayed at Pissouri Bay you could get away with hiring a car for a couple of days only. Depends whether you want to be close to the beach. The Rantzo is apartments with a swimming pool, but it is on the outskirts of the village, with not a lot around it.
Thanks tracey for that. I am waiting for more info on an appt within the Village called the Mistral. The price is good, just waiting for some pics.
Tracey's right, staying at the Rantzo you do need a car.
It is on the B6, the old Limassol to Paphos road. There is a small cafeteria on site, mainly used by locals passing along the highway, which is only open until 7 or 8pm.
Each upstairs apartment has a fully functional kitchen. Not sure about the ground floor studios.

About 1/2 mile away there is a mini market, take-away, restaurant, butcher, pharmacy, petrol station mini garden centre, DIY place and the cop-shop.

We love the Rantzo and class the owners as friends. Panikos and Melios, brothers, are great guys.
They also own 5 villas for rent in the village area.
I am hoping to come out to Pissouri for a week at the end of April next year (25.04.09-02.05.09). Can any of you let me know if the Tavernas in the Village will be open then? and Christinas Gift Shop? And also what the weather will be like?
we were in Pissouri for a week this year from 27th April. The weather was lovely, nice warm sunny days, not too unbearable. Perhaps a little cooler in the evening and you needed a light jumper or cardigan for wandering around. Everywhere seemed to be open. we loved the climate at this time, like cooler summer days in the UK. (not like what we get now, if you know what I mean!)
we are going to stay there next week. 8 adults and 4 children/baby.

I would welcome any advise regarding the Villa and the village.
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