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HI. Yes, used the normal plug-in with adaptor when we were in Dom Rep and worked fine. NO bites!
i used normal adapter and it worked fine...another good thing to do is take vitamin b it is a natural mosquito repellent and well worth taking we never got bit once the two weeks we were there in august. which also meant we didnt have to continue our avocolor when we returned. its also a good idea to take a bug killer spray with you. i am sure you can pack these in your main suitcase and give the room a spray before going to bed :tup
Who try to use Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer? is it worth their money?
I hang the Flowtronmosquito killer near the rest area on the terrace, away from our head, but the bugs and mosquitoes won't check. The insect killer looks good, the light is strong, and it does open, but be aware that the rope is really short. You definitely need an extension cord to plug in unless you install it 1 foot away from your outlet. Because the light is too bright, we turn it off at night, so it won't shine in the bedroom window.
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