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Plug sockets
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You can buy adaptors really cheap in Goa all the small shops and supermarkets sell them
Round pin, sometimes two pin, sometimes 3 pin depending upon the property. As previously stated plug adaptors can be bought in all resorts.
GFF xxx
they use the old 3Pin 5a plugs in Goa that we had in this country before 13a plugs came into use, if you look around you can still get them, I take an extention lead with one fitted, strictly speaking some would say its not safe but adaptors are not safe either.
you can buy an adaptor in the shop when you get there...we paid 90 rupees for 1 but hten when we went to the supermarket we got an extension lead one where you can plug in 3 plugs(cant think of their proper name soz) and we paid about 110 rupees for that

angie xx
They use 2 pin round plugs. I bought an adaptor in Goa but due to the surround on the plug socket, it wasn't a very good fit and had to pack something underneath it to keep in place. The adaptors I took over with me were quite a loose fit and I had it down to a fine art of having hairdryer in 1 hand, brush in the other and foot on plug to keep it in the wall :rofl
I bought a double adaptor for around 89 rupees in the new Newtons supermarket in November - it blew up the first time I used it :D
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