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Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
Hi Anna you should have been advised of this problem much sooner. 8 months seems far too long.

Keep in touch with the hotel. If they've been paid they will probably still honour your booking.

Certainly contact ABTA as soon as possible as May isn't too long away & you need this sorting quickly.

What is the name of the agency?
Hello and thanks for your answer.
The agency is Sunshine uk.
I have made reservations with them before and never have a problem.
I have wtore to the hotel and they told me that there is no problem with the reservation and promised to contact the supplier. Supplier told them that they are waiting my agency answer. On the other hand, Sunshine told me it's the supplier fault and that there is a pricing problem with the contract between the supplier and hotel, but after 8 months I don't know why should I pay for this mistake? if it was 2-3 day after reservation is one thing, after 8 months and 80 day before arrival is another thing. Now the prices of the hotels are much higher than before. I have paid, I have mine vouchers. One of the vacation is a present for 60 universary of my father in law...
How long will take ABTA to answer? I have never been in this case before.
Sunshine were taken over by On The Beach in May 2017 which could be an explanation 😉

Has there been any update?
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