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Sounds a bit harsh for £35 - thank goodness it wasn't a whole lot more! I presume you have a yearly policy or otherwise surely they would know when you were away due to the dates of travel on your insurance document?
To be honest, for the sake of £35 it ain't worth the hassle. This is one where you learn from the experience and thank goodness it was only £35.

Hi Glynis and Pete, I have learnt, it is so petty, that is why I came on here to see if it was normal :D . I would rather pay the Egyptian Doctors, so other folk claiming direct won't suffer, beacuse of firms like 'Insure And Go'!
It was not a yearly policy Glynis, it was a 14 day one which cost me and my family about £50. I can't believe they want proof I was away on those dates, in Egypt when they are claiming from Egypt. Maybe I just fancied taking the policy out for those dates so I could pay £50 to claim back £35 :que
The problem is that the insurance company and the TO are two separate entities. Whilst you may have bought your insurance from them it will probably just be part of a big policy. Whilst you will be claiming against it they will not actually know. In theory you could have the policy but not taken the holiday booked hence the requirement for proof.

By all means email the hotel and explain but as Peter says it is just not worth all the hassle.

Did you get a visa when you went to Egypt? Would they accept a copy of your passport visa co-signed by somebody else I realise there is know way you would send your passport to them.
Why don't you try to ring/email First Choice or if you booked through a local travel agent, ask them for copies of your Holiday Confirmation which shouldn't cost you a penny.
It does seem such a hassle for £35 but there is no way you could have known all this at the time. However the Egyptian doctor still hasn't been paid so I guess you will either have to follow through the claim or just arrange to settle direct.
Anyone would think the claim was for hundreds or thousands of pounds in which case you could understand the Insurers asking for doctors confirmation etc but not when it's the small amount involved. Perhaps a letter to them stating this might help!!
I use Insure and Go and can't believe they are going through this hassle for £35. I suppose it's the principle of the thing - you paid for no excess and therefore you'd like the £35 to be paid.

I'd do as suggested and ask if a copy of visa/passport/confirmation invoice will suffice.
Hi Glynis I have just phoned Insure And Go and asked them what all the fuss was about. They repeated my emails and then the woman on the phone said 'oh it's only £35'. I said 'yes why what are they trying to claim back for?' She said £235! :yikes
Glynis I'm not an idiot I signed one receipt for £35 written thirty five pounds, and no more. My only mistake was not asking for a copy, but I assumed you would get one at the check out desk. As I never had to pay anything I never got no receipt.
When away, I asked about my bill and a receipt, the Doctor on duty said but your bill is only £35, I said yes but I can claim back at home. He said you have zero access, I said yes. He said no problem take a copy of your insurance invoice, passport and phone your IC and get your claim number and hand into reception.
To be fair now I understand the IC wanting evidence. The Doctors must be getting away with this quite often. What would be the worst if I ignored it all? I would have paid what I really owed but that is just taking the mike. My only choice now is to get the evidence that I was away at those dates and a Doctors note saying I was well month before I went and let the TI battle it out. All for flippin £35. Can't believe it :que
Ive used insure and go before.I used them this august and claimed when i lost a diamond out of my ring in the sea.Well they have lots of reasons not to pay me out so thats the end of my claim and the end of me using them.I know most travel insurance companys work on the same criteria but i wont be using them again on principle.
Oh dear Beth, what a dilemma !

I can honestly say i have never ever had this problem.
I always insure with FORTIS either through a broker or internet, either way same company.
My bill, hubbys and daughters last June/July was nearly £200.
Excess waived as always.

GP in resort after treatment wrote a receipt which then went to reception, they added to my final room bill on vacating.
I paid by CC so i got added proof, and received a copy of the bill i had paid.

I got home, went to broker, they rang fortis who in a day sent claim form to broker.

Broker filled in and copied my receipts and sent it by fax.

Two days later a cheque arrived by post for the full amount.

Now ..... Last November i had an irritation to sun oil and had ears waxed.

Cost £55, got home rang fortis myself this time .... told her the amount, she trusted me from receipts i had given before and sent a cheque out again that same day.

I cannot recommend this company enough and always waiver the excess.

In fact most of my insurance is through them.

I cannot understand what is going on in your predicament.

But i hope you get it back, it seems to stem to your insurance company though.

Michelle x

ps... i will try and find out more for you :think
Thanks for your advice all.

The insurance want nothing but flight tickets or a booking invoice as evidence I was away on the dates. I think it is because they know I have no evidence that they are saying this. They don't seem the least bit concerned about it being a fraudelent claim to which I find disgusting attitude.
They also want me to contact the doctor abroad and say that his bill is incorrect. Is that not between the ic and petrson claiming?

My friend told me today that the same happened to her a few years back. She said don't contact them, ignore it and rip up any mail. I'm not sure though but she said she never heard a thing again from them.
I want the problem solved though, I don't want any further problems. I mean it could affect me getting insurance in the future.
What a situation to find yourself in!
Did you try to contact the travel agent/tour operator to get a copy of your booking invoice?
I certainly don't think you should be contacting the doctor - I would simply send a letter to the Insurance company stating the treatment you received and that you signed a document for the amount of £35 - and let them take it up with the doctor to produce the document you signed!
You could also take advice from the Insurance Ombudsman if you feel the Insurance Company are being deliberately unhelpful!
Cheers Kimi thats a good idea. It's always best to put things in writing and it shows I am trying to co operate and not ignoreing it all. I just went through my old msn account and thankfully there is a copy of my booking confirmation. I have forwarded this to the IC, after all it gives all my holiday details, reference number, deposit paid etc. It probably won't be good enough for these people though.
I don't want to contact the hotel yet as I think I am wise to be careful at this point what I say.
I think I will give them people you recommend a call, at least they can advise me of my rights etc.

I will let you all know the outcome. I just hope people learn from my mistake also. Always insist on some sort of copy of payment or amount to be claimed and the treatment you required. But never again will I use Insure And Go.
Just a quick update on taking Kimis advice and contacted obudsman who are now helping me with my case. It could take upto 8 weeks.
However since these have become involved, Insure and Go have emailed me copy of receipts, which the doctor from Egypt has forwarded them. All long reports stating examinations, oral medication and 3 injections. What a load of tosh and not one of them signed by myself. Plus not even the one there which I did sign! I had one injection and all medication was purchased myself from the pharmacy outside the complex and the doctors room did not even have a computer to be able to type up these reports whilst I was there.
Like I wished I had payed the £35 when on holiday, like now I wish I had just gone to the doctor for a statement saying I was fit a month prior to travel. I am now stuck in this long drawn out procedure. :duh
Our suit case failed to arrive at our holiday destination, on our return home we made a claim with our insurance company, they how ever are insisting on all receipts bank statements and card statements for all items lost, which we havent kept as some items were bought in 2008 before they settle the claim, can anybody give us any advice how to proceed so we can make a full claim.
Did your suitcase not turn up at all, not even when you got home? If it has been lost rather than delayed or misplaced I would have taken it up the the airline handling agents. If you did this, what have they said?
No our case did not turn up at , we have taken the matter up with our holiday insurance who are insisting on all receipts or photographs of the items before they can process our claim :-(
But what have the airline/handling agents had to say about it. Surely they have some responsibility.
How on earth can an insurance company expect you to keep receipts for all the families clothes , sometimes bought years ago never mind take photos of them .

I can understand where they're coming from in ensuring we are not claiming for an Armani suit when in fact it comes from Primark but that is completely unreasonable .

I would of thought there was some sort of standard compensation for a suitcase . Well I've learnt something there .

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