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Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
Sounds good :D But who would actually set this up? I can't imagine Ros has enough time, considering how many times it is recommended posters contact her!!! And she is giving her advice free (I wonder if you regret that offer sometimes, Ros!!!!).

I agree, though, it would be nice if the original posters could give feedback, and if there was just one particular topic purely for this feedback, it could work?
Whilst I understand why members would like to know more, perhaps it's a matter for professional privacy. Ros has to work on the facts of each case, perhaps some also that the complainant has not posted publicly on the forum for whatever reason.

I, for one, am very grateful to Ros for giving up her time to help us, and would respect her client confidentiality enough not to push her to write or comment on individual cases.

If the complainant wishes to tell us about the outcome, including Ros's advice, great. But Ros should have the right to her privacy as regards direct feedback. We are fortunate to have a professional on board.
To write or comment on individual cases is not practical, but a selection of the most frequently questions and answers could be published online. By not detailing names, client confidentiality would be respected by both parties, unless granted by the client / member.
Hi Denmarkhse

Ros has produced the Safe and Sound booklet for HT members which covers most of the queries and problems that members face. You can download it free of charge HERE


luci :wave
Yes that is very true luci5, but human nature means that a lot of people think their case is special, hence the amount of people asking for advice on their particular case!!!!! In my opinion, and it is only mine :D, some holidaymakers don't think that certain information relates to themselves!!! :lol: :|
I think it is only a matter of courtesy that when someone asks for help they should acknowledge the replies. I do think that the advice given by Ros is private and it would also be impractical to publish. The Safe & Sound booklet is a great help and having read it I am sure that many of the problems that people encounter can be solved without the need to post anything. The advice given is clear and first class. What gets me is the number of posts we get asking questions that have been asked before. A little research on the posters behalf could solve the problem. Not everyone who has posted a reply may do so a second, third or even a fourth time and so the poster may not get a satisfactory answer.. We also get left hanging when someone asks for help/advice and gets it but we never find out the outcome. That would in many cases help others. As I said it is only courtesy.

I agree fwh, it is only common courtesy to at least acknowledge, if not thank, anyone who has taken the time to reply to a query.

luci :wave
Ros doesn't actually have internet access so she couldn't reply herself and as already has been stated she is extremely busy.

I would imagine it is up to the individual to post with regards to their complaint. They have the time and also the information.

Im another one thats with you on this one. A lot of people new to the site perhaps dont realise that they can search for a topic etc, but I do agree that there are loads of times in every forum where you see a query put on, loads of replies with help and advice, and not another word from the original poster.

It would be nice if they acknowledged the time and trouble people have gone to, and updated us all on the situation.

perhaps this is going OT now but I do agree that it is very annoying when you take time to answer someone's query only to have no acknowledgement that they have even read the replies! (Hopefully!) I have never done this.
I remember one particular detailed reply I made to someones questions on Hong Kong( I think). I was very busy at the time but spent about half an hour answering(had to look up things as well). Several others also answered. We had no acknowledgement at all. Thinking back, I wish I'd pmd them to see if they had read it!
PS apologies admin- I really have gone off topic!
Fiona -

Hope we are not really :offtop because the subject was about updating everyone (by Ros). Of course she is too busy to do this, so the original poster should surely update us on the situation.

Jo :D
You're not off topic at all.
When I originally posted the thread it was to observe how members respond to a genuine observation. Looking at the advice above, it may have been wise to change the title topic from 'Publish online answers from Ros Fernihough' to 'Do I, or do I not, have a case'.
At the end of the day, is that not the reason most complainants post here?
Like I said, it will sure make a good read.
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