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I am trying to think of the longest flight I have taken non stop. It must be Singapore. I think that was just over 13 hours and in economy and I was so fed up. I just can't imagine 17 and a half hours in economy- or even business! I think you need to stretch your legs and so a short connection somewhere would be better. When we went to Bali- we did an overnight in Singapore both ways.
So who would take the non stop flight?
Not me !! Cape Town to London was purgatory in cattle class -and that was only just over 12 hours !! Only way I could manage a long flight like that ,is if I could afford the business class/first class upgrade.
I couldn't do it either. I'd be bored ridged, & stiff as a board ha ha.

It would drive me crackers being stuck in my seat for that length of time. We do 4.5hr flights and that's enough for me.

I'd do it if I could be zonked out for the whole trip!
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