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Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
Welcome Sean - and thank you for your kind offer. It's always helpful to have someone involved professionally in tourism and travel to offer opinions on problems HT members may have. That said, I hope we don't make too much extra work for you! :tup
We also have a Tour Operator/Travel Agent forum where you may be able to offer assistance
Welcome aboard Sean. We always welcome input from members of the industry, especially in they are in a position to offer help and advice and not just to promote the company they work for.

I can't remember seeing anything adverse about Ramsay World Travel so you must be getting it right!

luci :wave

Not trying to blow our own trumpet here, but I am glad to say I haven't seen anything really negative on here or any other review site for that matter - which is tremendous!

Suppose it's just down to all the repeat customers we have who just seem to keep on recommending us! So if that's anyone on here, a big thanks goes to you! :tup

Hopefully I don't jinx myself by saying that...and release a flood of complaints :rofl
Hi there can you help me so we are due to go to Vegas on the 11th may. One of my pals can't go due to being Ill. We have someone to take her place but they can't change the name on the tickets we are flying with United airlines. They said she has to pay another 500 pound and the holiday is already paid off what can we do thanks Amy
Hi Amy, after researching on the net it appears United aren't good at allowing name changes. It seems your friend may have to purchase a new ticket.

I would have thought the accommodation will be OK as long as you notify them & that the traveller who is ill isn't the lead name on the booking, that, may cause problems.

Good luck.
One of my pals can't go due to being Ill.

That is what holiday insurance is for - she did have it i assume -
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