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As someone who gave up leaving reviews under the previous owners, I can say that the new site is a lot better. It is user friendly and obviously photos make a huge difference. Have a look to see what I mean!
The facility is there also to add your hotel if it's not listed :pele
Well I've done a review, and the mechanics of creating it are quite user friendly. Two small points I noted were that the window into which the review is written, is like a letterbox, only allowing a few lines to be seen at any one time. Is there any particular reason for this? Can the window be bigger, so you can see what you wrote 10 minutes ago without scrolling? ( yes I know all about preparing it in Word and pasting it in, but it should not be necessary). Secondly, I uploaded five images from my IPad and one of them was rotated 90 degrees by this forum compared with its orientation on my iPad. In preview I was unable to rectify this or delete the image and replace it. Finally is there a way to link the review to the photos I uploaded earlier to the media gallery, whilst confining what is seen just to those exact photos. For example would linking to the topic you created ( Sal, Cape Verde) achieve that?
Frank - you are correct the text box needs making bigger so the experience is better. I will sort. Also, I do think that there is bug on the photo rotation, our testers have been working on a test site to find all little bugs like that - but you are right, it is the site.

Re the link, yes you can copy the review URL into the media gallery thread so that the user could view the pics and then be sent to the review. I think that is brilliant.
Further to the writing reviews experience, at the very end of the review writing process, I was asked for any top traveller tips. I mentioned a couple of tips including taking towel clamps for your sunbed. In the published version of the review, this section was missing. Is this a bug?! What's the point of posting these tips if they don't appear in the review??
Frank you do see the top tip - it is here:

We want people to see them from the list perspective as this then gets the person to look at the top tip and enter the hotel for the reviews.
How odd. It depends how the reader got to the review in the first place. Not all readers use that path, for example my link from the Media Gallery. It's a shame to read all the review and not see that.
I can add it to the review page also - leave with me..

Sounds good to me, Thanks.
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