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i assume the older coaches will retain them, at halcyon we only had a couple of seats fitted with them and a lot of people found them restrictive when not sleeping
No i dont think they really serve much of a purpose do they? But it would be nice to have the choice< have to wait and see whatr the new Siesta coaches are like, got to be better surely
hi....its going to put me off going next year if no leg rests....I have varicoiuse viens and am not supposed to sit with my legs over edge of a chair for any length of time....puts me at risk from thrombosis....I have the leg rests up all the way...and as Im not that tall the foot rests on thier own are not much use....I think it wont be as good for young children sleeping in the seats either.....they could land up slipping off onto the floor.....going by years of taking mine by coach it is more comfortable and safer for children to sleep with the foot rests up.....

what do siesta coaches think they are doing....families go by coach usually to save money.....yet they have changed a free entertainment that was OK for one that will turn out expensive for families to use....with the option of pay or do without....for a mum dad and 4 children it will cost an extra £60...and one of the moans on flight topics are people who have paid for seat back entertainment and its not been working it wont be long I suppose before the complaints about the siesta ones come in....and will you get a refund if yours dont work......there must also be others like me who use the journey to chill out and get a well earned if they stop us putting our seats back except at night because of these screens I wouldnt be happy...and now they have taken away the legs rest it will be more of an uncomfortable journey...

So what siesta think is an upgrade is flawed because

1/ We will be paying for entertainment which was free before
2/ The once reasonably comfortable journey is now uncomfortable and puts young children at risk during the night, and adds a risk of thrombosis to vunerable people....a plane journey to spain is less than 3hrs long and warnings are given about the risks of thrombosis.....a coach journey is 29/30hrs long...the leg rests lowered these risks considerably
3/ The ferry crossing once a pleasant break has now been changed to the eurotunnel....I for one do not like the tunnel...and am put off even though its quicker.....though it doesnt mean we arrive at our destination quicker ...or get in accomodation last time we spent a few hours in the sweltering heat in our travel clothes waiting to be given our accomodation...

So tweeties in a flap now....and its looking more like pefkos next year.. (have 3 holidays on list of where to take family for my 60th celebration holiday next year....sorry siesta your bottom of the list now)
I know, just have to see how it goes next year when they bring the new coaches out, we wont fly, dont like it so for now it is coach holidays for us, so we will be watching closely what Siesta are doing with their coaches, may not be all as bad as we are all presuming, or go with another firm
hi johnm100....the picture in the brochures of the girl looking so comfortable in her recliner with her foot rest up sells the journey for me....would like to see one of her trying to relax in the seat without a rest...dont think it would atract customers somehow...tweetie
Yes it always looks so much better in the brochures doesnt it
think the panos and super clubs retain them but at extra cost.
do they? Looks like there will be a slight increase on everything to be honest
Reply the 2012 brochure it does show the girl in a seat with no leg rests....and she doesnt look as comfortable though has a photo of a pano with a leg think you could be right....there again they show a picture of the ferry alongside one of the euro train.....yet I have been told by them they always use the euro tunnel now as its why show a ferry....maybe its because some people wouldnt book if they knew it was through the tunnel...

I booked thinking it was same as the years before and that the tunnel was only used on certain days....and booked the day we had always gone by the ferry....I was dissapointed and had to explain to the other family we are going with that the ferry crossing I had said was a nice part of the journey...was now a boring trip through the chilling out with a meal and a browsing the duty free shops watching from the deck as we approach Calais...

So cant rely on the panos having the rests just because there is a picture of one in the brochure....tweetie
Yes, the ferry crossing with Siesta does not exist now, they always use the train crossing, i dont like it myself as we also enjoyed the ferry, the only benefit is the time is cut slightly on time of arrival at the resort, although we always view the coach journey as part of the holiday as you sound like you do yourself so for things to change is not good for people who are used to the leg rests and ferry crossings etc, we will still use Siesta probably next year and see how it compares
tweetie - if you look halfway down the page with the picture of the little girl it mentions the footrests / leg supports for 2012. it has the roadshow dates for the new coaches so maybe you could pop along and have a look.
:que i think these new screens on the new siesta buses will be broke in no time dunno why they are bothering i know not everyone wants to watch the same film as eveyone but who will be willing to pay the extra £10 pounds to use them which mounts up when you have a family of 4 or 5
hi mbapjones.....thats what I was thinking too...and there will be dissapointed people who have paid and find their screen doesnt work properly or not at all....and will be asking for refunds....and complaining on HT....and lots of bored children whose parents cant afford them who will have no alternative entertainment to distract them......I have been on coaches where children have been getting noisey and wingy...probably tired fed up and bored after hours of travel....then the disney film or cartoon comes on...and they all settle down.....somehow I dont think the coach journey with loads of children on will be as pleasant as it used to be..

The talk on this topic over the years has been positive....a sharing of support for new coachies...saying how good it can be...and dispersing the negative ideas people have about coaching for such a long hints and tips to improve the is a shame to think we may be hearing less positive feedback in the future,

I also feel sorry for the hostesses and drivers who will have to deal with any problems on route....they are absolutely brilliant with endless patience.....and I think it will be tested to the limit ....I think they should have retained the ability to show films ect with those wanting more to pay for the use of the screens people the choice....and for use if system fails.....I cant help wondering how many would choose to pay for the use of the screens....maybe we could run a poll on here...

So if you are a siesta coacher ....maybe not posting but recieving notifications and coming for a read ...or if your a guest and interested in coaching....after reading our posts about the new siesta coaches...join up ....become a member and cast your vote...just post entertainment...or pay for screens.....

I wonder if anyone from siesta reads this topic...tweetie

Im posting entertainment
Having been on coaches before where they have TV screens on the back of the seats you may be interested to know that its an all or nothing kind of service.

They don't have the ability to "switch off" so many tvs for the non paying customers so my advice would be not to pay, your going to see it anyway :)
Diane x
So basically, what your saying is that passengers will still be able to watch the screen without paying? Is this because every seat has the tv screen on its back?
Yeah, it's a bit like an aeroplane, the tv's are built into the seats.

tbh Siesta would have been better just putting the cost of the coach up by a tenner and noone would have bothered lol

From what I can gather after talking to people who have been on coaches like this before there is no way if only allowing access to certain seats, it's all or nothing.

I personally wouldn't pay for it if I was traveling :)
Yes you may have a point there, they cant exactly turn off or isolate a couple of tvs really, or can they? There are only 3 of us anyway so an extra tenner would not really break the bank, but this year we are travelling as a group of 6 as we are taking my wifes parents with us and we would have ended up paying an extra 60 quid but next year as i said there will prob only be 3 of us, i feel sorry for people with big families who will have to pay extra every time.
But as you say you may be able to watch it anyway, suppose we will all just have to try it out next year
Hi, we normally go to Estartit with Siesta for our family hols, sadly Estartit is not what it used to be, anyone recommend any of the other destinations Siesta do? We would be looking for a family atmosphere with stuff to do of an evening such as bingo, kareoke, quizs etc, we have tried Salou which was ok but would maybe like to try another destination Siesta offer, any tips anyone??

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