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All of them are excellent and meet your criteria, especially Sliema and Valletta although Valletta is slightly cloer to Tarxien than Sliema, are you visiting the temples and the hypogeum ?.

Hi suem20,

Can't really see any problem with wherever you choose to stay since it's so easy to get almost anywhere on Malta from anywhere. I find it useful to hire a car cause I simply like to get around without waiting for buses or taxis. I can also access some out of the way places but driving does place a restriction on how much alcohol you drink!

If you're thinking about visiting the hypogeum then I suggest that you book up before you even go to Malta, especially since you are a large group. Last time we tried to get into the hypogeum even though there was only my wife, son and myself, we were refused entry and told that visits should be arranged well in advance!! I did try to bribe the doorman but it didn't work!

Yes, its right. To visit the hypogeum you have to book in advance, since only a limited number of people are allowed daily. Otherwise you ll be left disappointed! Nowhere is to far in Malta, so with kids i recommend keep away from accomodation in Valletta. The only nice hotel in Valletta, as fas as i am concerned, is the Phoenicia, and am not sure whether it is adequate for children. My wife and myself prefer the island of Gozo, and have been visiting this island for more than 13 years now. We feel Gozo is more safe than Malta, especially when we have our kids with their little ones! We rather go for self-catering than a hotel, since we get a good price and stay together by the pool on our own, without anyone else ruining our hoiday. We always use the services offered to us by gozobreak. com and they are very nice with us. I definately recommend these owners. They have this small business and really take care of their clients. If you hire a car, you will be able to go to everywhere, both in gozo and in Malta, and mobility between the two islands is quite good! Boats cross over every 30minutes in Summer. We like Gozo for its quietness and uniqueness and since we live in the 'city' we find the country life very attractive.
hypogeum is now bookable online, up to 12 months in advance
its a max of 10 people an hour, so given there are 27 of you, it needs a bit of planning - with that many people, are you plannimg on sticking together, as if so, buses will be impossible, as its unlikely more than a handfull will get on any particular bus.

can you clarify whether you intend going round as a group, as that will be a big part of any recommendations
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