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Spending Money
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I went on a lads holiday to Ibiza in 1983,my last one as i met my wife there.I spent £300 so I guess that with inflation you will need over grand.

My son is going to Malia with his mates in July and is taking £1000
I went to Malia 2 years ago and spent £850, i've heard Ibiza is alot more expensive so im thinking about taking £1100.

Have you got food included at the hotel?
Do you intend going to the big clubs?

These are where you will spend loads.My lad came with us to Es cana last year and spent about £500 but we had full board and he never went to the big clubs.
I dont know about food being included, my pals booked it, i just paid my money :-)

Yeah this is my first time going to Ibiza so i'll probably try a couple of the big clubs!!


Was in San Antonio in July 02 and July 03 on 3/4 day stag weekends. Ibiza is very very expensive and I never went to any of the clubs, could not bring myself to paying 50 Euros entry. During the days stick to Bora Bora the best beach bar in the world in my humble opinion and by the evening you may have drank too much to go clubbing it.

Rgds - Joe
I was in PDB in aug '03 and I didn't think it was too expensive and I went self-catering so ate out apartment was 5 mins away from Bora-Bora and it was great and thats coming from an oldie, :oops:

Most of my money goes on shopping, cigs ,ect, but I still managed to drink and eat every night and only spent about £400 for the week, so yes I'd go for the £1000 limit and try not to go clubbing everynight......... :D

have a great time,

sam x
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