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Sri Lanka
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It is pretty bad, for those hotels as it will now end up like Tunisia. I cannot believe there were warnings and nothing was acted upon. To me that in itself does not sound correct...
That is almost the worst part. I watched a father who lost 2 of his children stopping himself from saying something to critisise Sri Lanka. He must be thinking that if they had been warned they might have changed their plans.
Heartbreaking for the country & people of Sri Lanka. All those lives taken, truly horrific.
My dil's aunt lives in Colombo with her Sri Lankan partner. When my lad got married in Seville they came to the wedding.
On Sunday morning around 10am she was stood ironing when she heard the first blast. They are building a hotel nearby and she thought it was the workmen, then realised that they wouldn't be working on a Sunday.

One of the hotels bombed (Shangri-la) my lad & wife spent NYE there with the wife's aunt last year.

Terrible, frightening and sooooo sad.

Sanji x
  • Edited by Sanji 2019-04-26 12:53:58
That island has had some serious conflict in the passed 10-15 years, and yet it still draws tourists, it must be a brilliant place.

How do these islands recover from this, the places they bombed are very upmarket as well. The Shangri -la. madness.
I found out today that my nephew, who is 23, & had travelled alone on an activities holiday in February, had visited one of the restaurants apparently.

He is an only child & quite cosseted by both his mother (who is widowed) & my husbands mother. Needless to say it's hightend their nervousness. The world is being made smaller for the young especially. So sad.
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