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Summer 2006
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me too - love getting booked up early - i really enjoy that part :D :D . we havnt had this years holiday yet (end may Icmeler) but this morning have booked to go to the Red sea :yipee (sorry everyone) for a change to become a divers widow :shock: :shock: . going next Easter so thats included in the winter brochure. will still get all the summer brochures though to narrow down my choice for 2007 :D :D .
For some reason nobody else in my house hubby and 3 sons appear to share my enthusiasm (sorry i dont think thats spelt right). They all just roll there eyes and say "we havnt had this years yet - mums at it again - always booking holidays" obviously hubby worrys about the cost and is thinking of all the overtime he will have to do :shock: :shock:

what a great site this is :pele - this thread has really made me laugh :D - i now have visions of all us woman siting at home surrounded by holidays brochures for 2 years time :hyper :hyper flicking from one to the other deciding where to go getting stressed then back through them all to find the best price , more stress We spend half the day if not all (ive just left my 9 year old son standing in the playground because im too busy on here) glued to the internet this site in particular laughing our heads off . some days i get nothing done , but hey when everyone gets in I,ve booked another holiday :hyper :hyper
glad im not the only one :D :D

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Erm, no, you're not the only one, still on the subject of brochures and booking hols, look at this....

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

We can look forward to the '06 brochures being released soon :D
like it!!

tip - get brochures pages e-mailed then you can only have turkey and forget the other turkeys!!!!! :lol:
Well I don't have to worry... :lol: I'm all sorted for July/Aug 2006. Had mine booked now for about 2 mths.... :wink:
What a lovely thought, not having to sit there sifting thru all the holiday brochures.... :)
oh god pippy the tears are streaming down my face :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl - that was so funny . we couldnt stop laughing at the photo of your brochures - mine is definately bigger than that cupboad in dresser - full - big pile next to my bed - and a growing pile next to the bath for reading while having a soak :shock: :shock: the trouble with me is i cant go in the travel agents and just come out with what i need !! yesterday i went in two travel agents to get Red Sea brochures - while in there i took a fancy to Italy (for a weekend break) and lakes and mountains (for the winter) :shock: :shock: i also have a very large collection of various english tourist board brochures :D :D - - these are great for weekend breaks .my next job is to book a week in the lake district. sorry im definately :offtop . there are sooooooo many places i would love to go !!!

god my hubby will go mad :evil: :evil:
Yep I'm like Jess :D Have booked July/Aug 06 already :D Same place I'm going in October 05

But with friends this time I cant wait :pele

Will have to start looking for 07 soom :shock:
So glad I`m not the only one!!
Every morning I drop the kids off at school and have every intention of coming home to do the housework and ironing but on goes the kettle and the computer, where I then spend most of the day looking at this site or shopping on Ebay.
I definatly don`t have time to work!!
Yep, will definitely see you there Lesley :) :)
:D :D I will buy the first drink Jess :glynis
will hold u to that...... :glynis
Depends who lands first.... :)
Hey don't forget me Lesley and Jessfm, I can't wait I'm so excited I'll get the drinks in when we land!! :lol: :pele

:oops: I can't believe this is next year we're talking about, must concentrate on this years hols but I CAN'T! :lol:

Shell :lol:
hey you lot you're making me jealous :bawl

ness :wink
Good that far ahead I could never be that organised. A month ahead suits me.
ness, get booking! :lol:
Hi, Lesley jane, just interested to know which brochure you booked your july/aug 2006 holiday from. I must pop into the travel agents nearly every other day to see if they have the summer 2006 brochures out, was told they were not out until may, rang direct holidays ,they told me June. (as thats who I usually book with), and they told me June. Don't want to wait that long, want to get booking now!!!
Hi Bellyballyboo, Lesley myself and Jess booked onlinef with

Check it out in the Turkey forum :D
That's right Bellyballyboo, I am booked with them for next October as well :D

follow the link Shell has put up for you :D

Yep Jess and Shell first to land buys the first drink :lol:

( I shall be very well mannered shell and let you get off the plane first :wink: )
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