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thanks mate thats great...... i will paste the important bits below from that forum.. All i would say different to that comment on the forum, is that nut allergies is one ofo the allergies that you do not grow out of and ingestion of any kind is the issue with the kids, whether it is a nut ingested or food prepared with oil / ingredients that could contain traces of nuts.

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I've thought about this one, and I would not take a child to Bulgaria who was suffering with a life threatening food allergy .

Even if you could get your message across to restaurant staff, they are unlikely to know which of their ingredients might be contaminated, or to be particularly bothered to find out. They will however tell you what you want to hear.

Sorry to have to say this, but I have knowledge of Bulgaria and Bulgarians going back 20 years now, and it's a national characteristic that they are unconcerned about matters that don't effect them personally. Consider it the legacy of the 'Turkish Yoke' and Communism.

This is the way it is, and if a child's life could be at risk I MUST spell it out as it is.

Peter is absolutely right. Another thing, all Bulgarians eat nuts all the time. There will be traces almost everywhere you go.
great.... :( i am really looking forward to it now.
Thinking of what "Peter" has said, I have cast my mind back to the Veg and Fruit Market in Varna, the same scoops are used for everything, that includes, soft fruits, peppers and Nuts. Tonyt
hi there

my son has a nut allergy and have been taking him to sunny beach since he was one,now 5 and have never had a problem touch wood . we ve had more incidents in england , just make sure you carry the epi pens and neo clarityn with at all times and have very good travel insurance that will cover any allergic reactions. you cant let the allergy stop you or your family from doing things or having a holiday when theres a allergy involved you just have to live with it and also be sensible too,
the food is pretty much fresh we tend to stick to chicken or pizza with our son, he eats a lot of the fruit there too, you could take food over with you if your worried we did the first time we found out but he just wanted to eat what we were .
i have a translation if you want it itmay help you , we useit for the airportmore than anything as security wanted us to drink his meds lol. hope this helps :)
thanks seanmummy, any assistance will be appreciated.

we have one translation given from another site, but if i can see how your may be different it would be appreciated.
Hello, would you mind to email me the note informing others of your son's nut allergy. We will be heading for Bulgaria and would appreciate the help. Thank you
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