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all i can tell you is the are owend by Icelolly Marketing who also trade as Global Travel Group

not much help sorry

My partner & I have just booked a holiday to Tenerife with this company (through icelolly) and have received an email saying they will contact us in 24 hours with the holiday details & booking confirmation. We were a little worried as this isnt what normally happens when we book online. Since booking we have read some worrying things about this company's practice. Can anyone advise us as to whether we could cancel before the money is taken or would we still be liable for cancellation charges etc? The holiday was booked yesterday and we are due to fly on Tuesday 25th march. Their terms and conditions contain some, I think dubious, charges for certain items. It was really daft of us - but we didnt read the terms and conditions properly until after booking. We are very worried and would rather look to book with a more well known company, can anyone help?
I booked a holiday for my cousin yesterday through this company and then was sent by email the same thing about contacting me within 24hrs to confirm but as my cousin need to book flights from Spain to UK to pick up the flights I decided to call them.

Just before I called I noticed the Icelolly logo on bottom and though "here we go"

The lady went through all the stuff with me after I told her I needed to confirm asap because of the flight from Spain.

Guess what the unbelievable price was exactly what I thought it was, bogus :que

The hotel I chose was not available (through them) the flight I chose had risen by £10 and if I wanted to carry on then the price of £159 per person would now rise to £326 per person and that was for a place I know to not be nice.

I told them to cancel and I said goodbye.

hi, bookd a holiday to marmaris about 3 weeks ago for my daughter and her boyfriend with this company. they,re due to go 11th april to stay in the ares hotel. they picked this hotel because it was right on the beach front and central to a phone call last friday 29th march to say that the hotel had closed. they offered another hotel in a different resort which my daughter didnt want as she has been to marmaris and loved it. they said they would look for other hotels and ring back. they didnt. after 4 days of trying i eventually got through to them. they offered another hotel which is 3 1/2 km outside of marmaris. i again refused. the only other hotels that are central are all inclusive and will cost another £70 each. this is so frustrating and i think a big rip off. still have no accomodation booked. my daughters starting to panick a little now.
Caron take a look at out Marmaris website and maybe the hotel they would like is on there.

Just shout if you need any help

oh Yes, This company lures you in with very cheap holidays but the price quoted on the search engine is " NOT LIVE" and subject to confirmation. Guess what, the price is always higher. They have changed my flight,which was fine but then they do not get back to you or respond to emails or send on paperwork. would not reccomend this company. suddenly the high street travel agent looks more atractive.
Tried to book on-line but you can't complete there, you have to wait on them calling you which they don't do! When I called them the actual price was nearly £200 dearer than quoted ( surprise surprise! ) . Be very careful!!!

Good Luck

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i booked with sunsave :whoops for 272 pounds next day thay phond me told me told me i had to pay a ferther 200 pounds it cost me 60 pounds to cancel don.t book with sunsave
I booked with, and then looked up about the company duhh, silly me!!!! They did not ring me back within 24 hours, so i rang them. I was so worried after reading all of these comments. I spent £1554 on a holiday to Egypt, Aqua Blu Sharm. The price went up, a little for baggage, but the holiday still came under £1600. I was very relieved. I have downloaded all the vouchers and keeping and eye on the flight, which is with Thomas Cook. I found the service over the phone good, but they let me use my Mothers card details, knowing I was not her????? So all is great from this website (so far) I have printed all details out including the agreed room type and will take everything with me.
Is there anything else that has gone wrong after this point with

What should I be careful about???????

I do not think I would use this company online again, because of the complaints, but would recommend people to use this company over the phone as these seam to be the live prices.

Would be v.greatful is anyone has experienced anything else and has tips perhaps, as I am taking two children, 4 & 5 years!!!!!!! ïÅÂ

DO NOT BOOK ONLINE - it's a gamble"¦"¦.. I have been lucky (so far)

(and I think they wait till the flight prices go up, before they call back as they pay for the original price then take a cut when it goes up)
I booked with Sunsave last year, they are a nightmare a rip off company avoid them like the plague. When you check out their holidays and select one they ask for your credit card details. As I always book online I wasn't alarmed at this but I was when I completed the booking and was told I would receive a call from Sunsave to confirm my booking. When they rang a day later, surprise surprise the holiday I had selected had gone up by £260 when I queried this I was told their web site dont show live prices so the prices can (and will) change UPWARDS.

I advised the agent I spoke to that I no longer wanted to book the holiday as I was on a budget but was told if I wanted to cancel it they would still take the deposit, I couldn't afford to lose the money so I reluctantly agreed to go ahead. Once you have booked they are impossible to get hold of for any queries and you are just told the admin team will call you back which they never do. When we eventually arrived on holiday Htop Olympic Hotel in Callella (dont go there read my hotel review) the hotel room was filthy and infested with bugs we complained but could not be moved as the hotel was full. On return to the UK I complained to Sunsave after many phone calls and letters 2 month later they said they had been in contact with the hotel and they had no record of the complaint (probably lost amonst the hundreds of complaints I witnessed being made whilst I was there) so they refused to compensate me.
All in all, my fault for not doing my research beforehand. I would never book with this company again. If you do want to, never log your credit card details with them ring them first and get a live price.
I have reported them to Watchdog as have many others!! AVOID

Postby Zoeysunsave on 23 Jul 2012 10:55
Hi everyone,
I work for and just wanted to write a quick message to clear some things up. At we try to find the best possible price for your holiday, our site is not live but is updated daily so this means prices can fluctuate up or down and the deals are subject to availability so if the deal has gone we will try and find an alternative to suit you. We do have to take details for the payment but this is done securely, at most we will only be able to see certain letters/numbers of any password with consent and these are never stored on our database, as far as any confirmation that might relate to data protection is always sent directly to the customers email so we have no way of storing this information. In reference to the additional flights and transfer costs, it is stated on our site that these are not included in the initial price, this is because not everyone will require them and they depend on a few different variables like destination, distance and airline etc. but we are more than happy to explain these costs when you are booking.

If anyone has any problems or queries, you are more than welcome to contact me directly at
Thank you to our loyal customers on here, it is very much appreciated.

For further information on our policies please view the terms and conditions or FAQ's on our website.

Zoey xxx
when you book with sunsave do they take payments for flights seperate from hotel? only friend booked holiday with them but recieved 2 emails one from flights and one from sunsave for hotels, seemed a lot more combined if they have taken the 2 payments seperatley.

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