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I have only ever got one of these as a result of the Tour Op doing a price match and therefore doing it as a free kid to reduce the price.
Otherwise they dont exist in the school hols, I look as soon as the brochures are out where it states free kids and they always say there are none when you put in any school hol week even if they have only just gone on sale its just a marketing ploy.
A friend I have who works in the Industry says there is no such thing as a free child place unless the adults are paying far too much.
So personally I stick to my Late deals.
virgin have got some good deals for easter 2009,coming in nearly 2 grand cheaper than first choice etc.ive booked 10 nights lbv apartment for 6,inc breakfast,2900 pounds for 3 adults and 3 kids including airport transfers.travelling in the school holidays. mo.
You may have got a free child place but that is one hell of a lot of money where are you going?
Our average hol is 1200-1400 for 2 Adults and 3 kids for two weeks in two rooms sometimes , Four stars Self Catering or a little bit more for Breakfast too.We book late.
For what you have paid I would expect All Inclusive or a really decent hotel in Florida (Long Haul).
yes its a florida holiday,no free child place but reasonable teen/child places. .in summer it costs well over 3 grand for 2 weeks selfcatering in ibiza if we go through the brochures,my eldest 2 are classed as adults,there is 6 of us. mo.
Hi there

Just wanted to add my years holiday is the first for me that I've booked during school hols and I have to say I was somewhat shocked at the cost. We are 2 ad and 2 ch and when I booked in August for next Aug I did manage to get a free child place with a costing of just over 2k in total for a 1bed 4* apartment for 2weeks in Menorca. At the time I wasn't sure whether it was the right thing to book so early but having checked the prices again recently we'd now be looking at 3K plus. Also the accomodation we chose is now fully booked. Personally I wouldn't want to risk leaving it til the last minute to book as I'm not sure I'd find anything I wanted. Before I had the children I always booked last minute but now with a 3 and 7 year old our needs are more specific-if they are happy then we are too...well that's what I'm hoping for ayway!!
Yes we used to book in advance then we haggled a cheap price match one year and really got into the haggling thing.
One year I went to the Tour Op to enquire about somewhere I fancied they gave me a quote of about 2 grand plus for self catering so I left it but left my details with them. Then out of the blue a few months later they rang me with a offer Price of 1100 so I said yes , booked and was really happy Id saved so much of the brochure prices.
The last few years we have been booking lates of the web at really great prices and with a certain operator I know all the good hotels/apartments and what will still be available in April/ May for our Annual May/June School hols fortnight in the sun. They are guaranteed I even have a choice of quite a few really good ones. If you know the To's routine every year you can save lots of money.You have just got to do the research.
I know it sounds sad and Geeky but its worth it!
It's not just the TO!!!!!!!! Try booking a flight!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

We booked a flight for Easter Hols last Apr for 3 of us-it is now not available [as we tried to get our other son and girlfriend on it]!!! But the one going a day earlier is more than £200 p.p. dearer!!!!!!!!!! It's just airlines ripping you off-every which way but loose :roll:
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