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Cool idea but we need to make sure we have the skills required...

Bagsey IT manager, no.... Director of IT. (much better)

I've been wondering how much longer it will take before the really cheap flight co's wake up and smell the Canarian coffee!?

Come easyjet, now you have your new planes there is nout stopping you. Put some Tenerife routes on!
If Easy jet recieved enough requests from people to fly to Tenerife it may speed up there interest in starting a service.
(may start a nice price war which would benifit us ll) :D


The flight time to Tenerife is too long to interest low cost airlines It means they could only fit in one return flight per air crew instead of two as most European flights are able to do

Also regarding the visitor numbers in real terms they are fallng rapidly due to expansion of accomodation

also being restricted by shortage of flights
I am friendly with a pilot for easyjet and he was explaining that they ony do flights up to 3 hours long, otherwise they have to start offering food/drink etc and it is not financially beneficial to them.

He said there are no plans to fly as far as that :( shame really cos the damn flights are so cheap!

Mind you, having said that, I have found flights to and from Tenerif for £19 each way!!
I'm not convinced. They may have no plans as yet but they cant ignore a mass market such as the Canaries for ever (IMHO).

I do know that the way Easyjet and Ryanair work is different to what one expects. Try tracking one particular plane during the course of two days. (there are web sites out there that help you do this). For example: The 7:30am Newcastle to Bristol does not fly down there and straight back again. Once at Bristol it then goes to Malaga. From there to Luton. From there to Paris and then back to Newcastle in the evening.

With many easyjet planes dotted around the continent its easy for an outward bound plane to not return from Tenerife to the UK but fly to somewhere in Spain (2 hour flight). This would also work in reverse. Not only would this open up UK to the Canaries but would also open up Spain/France/Palma to the Canaries etc. They have the infrastructure to do this with ease. Now that they have announced their new fleet of Airbus321's they have the fuel capacity too.

Easyjet already offer food in the way of snacks and drinks. However not sure whether they are required to provide hot meals for flights over 4 hours. Last flight I got back to Tenerife from Newcastle had no food on at all. just pringles, but then again it was a 'My Travel' flight!

Time will tell.

19 quid is rather reasonable. Was it standby :?:
Flyglobespan from glasgow do fly to Tenerife and call themselves a low cost airline & occasionally offer fairly cheap flights but rarely falling under £100 + taxes of approx £30

They do have the virtue of offering one way from the UK allowing you if you wish to book a oneway back in Tenerife

They do not serve meals just snacks

have found them very efficient after 4 return trips have only been 10 minutes late once others either on time or early

Would guess that Apollos £19 flights were either standby or reverse flights at xmas easter or half terms leaving tenerife as people arrive from UK returning from the UK as they return to UK
£19 was a one way on excel airways from gatwick on January 12th in the afternoon landing in Reina Sofia.

Nothing sinister, not standby. We didnt book that one cos excel dont take animals, otherwise would have done.
There are plenty like that, found loads for about £20, mostly with excel.
RE: Easyjet.

Nope, deffinately not going to extend to the canaries.
My understanding is that standby tickets are 150 euros. :shock:
Hi all,
for flights try monarch, we have booked from birmingham £39 each way. £106 inc tax. Its a new route with special offers. also keep 2 return boarding cards become a member. free extras. :D
It's probably de trop to publish selling copy on this site, but can anyone suggest a non-offensive way of getting interest from potential buyers of property in Los Cristianos?

Thanks to all with ideas.
Quote from Apollo...
I am friendly with a pilot for easyjet and he was explaining that they ony do flights up to 3 hours long, otherwise they have to start offering food/drink etc and it is not financially beneficial to them.

He said there are no plans to fly as far as that Sad shame really cos the damn flights are so cheap!

Not being convinced, I decided to email Easyjet's "New Business" department, and I finally got a reply regarding the possibility of future flights to Tenerife...

I asked them whether they would now be considering flying to Tenerife with the addition of their new fleet of Airbus aircraft being within range (unlike their ageing 737-400's).

Here is their reply...
"Dear Mr *******

Thank you for your email enquiry regarding flights to Tenerife.

At present, easyJet do not have any plans for flights to Tenerife, however, we are constantly looking for additional routes that would be in demand all year round and have noted the up turn in scheduled flights from both Monarch & BA to this destination.

After consultation with the relevant department I can confirm that our new fleet of Airbus 321's will have sufficient fuel capacity to fly direct to Tenerife, and agree with you that this route could open up flights from our existing Spanish mainland and French airports to Tenerife too.

Again many thanks for your comments.

Vanessa Glass"

......I rather think that people are being a bit blinkered when talking about cheap flights, and not considering the wider implications. Yes,it would be very nice for myself as an apartment owner to be able to visit more often, and to encourage more bookings - but isn't this precisely what the Tenerife authorties don't want ?

The impression is given that the Island's image needs a bit of a lift, going upmarket ; well, what would be the result of easyfares - will it bring lots of well-heeled 5 star hotel guests ? hardly likely ! more like hordes of those looking for a cheap boozy break. So where's the incentive there ?

Again, we are told that apartment owners are taking the business away from the big boys, travel companies are suffering, jobs are going; so why on earth would this trend be allowed to continue or even increase by allowing us the benefit of cheaper fares ?
I watched an interesting documentary last year on Prague. Apparently since Ryanair and Easyjet have launched their cheap flights to the city, its been inundated with boozed up, binge drinking, foul mouthed, youths. The authorities are now in a quandary. Do they turn away this lucrative market for the sake of their reputation of do they continue to reap the financial rewards?

We must bare in mind that there is one big difference between Prague and Tenerife, in that Prague is very very cheap. Booze in Prague is a fraction of the cost of what it is here (Tenerife), as is both food and accommodation.

Easyjet also do cheap flights from Newcastle to Bristol, with advance bookings starting at just 1.95 plus tax! However we do not see the same boozy mob flying between these two cities as we do with Prague.

Check onto an Easyjet flight to Lyon in the South of France or to Palma de Mallorca. You will find that most of the passengers are middle class, middle aged well moneyed folk. Newcastle to Palma starts at just 29.00 (same price as Prague) yet it doesn't attract a plane load of yobs looking to drink as much booze as possible in as little time as possible. Why? Because these destinations do not attract the people who are looking for a 'dirt cheap' weekend away. Tenerife with accommodation on par with Mallorca, longer flight times and food and drink is a hell of a lot more costly than other destinations such as Prague.

Would cheap(er) flights bring Tenerife's standards down?
Unfortunately it would be difficult to lower the standards much more in many parts of tenerife
Oh dear oh dear. Snobbery is such an ugly thing!!!
Unfortunately it would be difficult to lower the standards much more in many parts of tenerife

Chips? Shoulders?
Chips? Shoulders?

No its the truth as I see it
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