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Firstly, welcome to DIY :) \o/

I've travlled with both Alphabeds (now alpharooms of course) and Winter Sunshine Holidays. Majorca Accommodation is a sub site of Winter Sunshine Holidays. Obviously created to appeal to people looking specifically for certain destinations.

As for security, and please biatch slap me if I'm wrong here mods, not many UK accommodation companies are bonded by ABTA, so you have to look closely at the security they offer.

Both have given me good service in the past, however if security is your main issue then you may be better off with Winter Sunshine Holidays (or Majorca Accommodation whatever, you know what I mean).

WSH operate a trust account service which, if I understand it correctly, means that they dump your money in an account that is protected by some accountant geezers, who will not allow any money to be removed from that account until your date of arrival. (Again, please contact WSH for more info as I might have got it wrapped round my neck).

As far as I can tell Alphabeds (alpharooms) only offer the safe transit of your cashola to their account. This is not just an Alpha thing, I believe it is many online accommodation operators way. There does not appear to be any security equal to what WSH offer to prevent them declaring bankruptcy and running off with everyones money though.

TBH I don't think you could go wrong with either company mate, but if security is your thing, then your probably best emailing both companies and drilling them both on their security.


The deal with credit cards is that if the Company goes bump they will refund you your cash but you have to spend over £100.

It only applies to credit cards, not debit cards and are they called charge cards like American Express where you have to pay the balance off each month.

You can pay the first £101 say with your credit card and the rest with debit card, cheque etc and the whole amount will be covered.

The problem may come in that if you are DIYing, then you may have other costs which are not covered, the flights, additional accomodation costs etc.

The information above is what I understand to be correct but I would check with your credit card issuer before you book.

Enjoy your Hen Party :D

Check out for accommodation only from their brochure. Also for some good deals to quality aaccommodation.
Thanx for all your help guys.We have decided to let our friend book it as she works in travel agents.It works out about £20 more per person but with us not going till next july we feel safer doing it that way.Booking our flights with,has any1 flown with these b4?if so what they like?Thanx again

full house here for me!! :)

ive used both the agents above no problem and ive also used jet2 from leeds/bradford without any problems. nice planes
as above...ive used both and had no problems, good cheap agents. As for Jet 2, im flying with them for the first time in JUly so fingers crossed everything will be okay :wink:
I have just booked a week in Majorca with Wintersunshine holidays in October for 141 pounds for the two of us. They had the same aparments with Alpha Rooms but they were quite a bit more expensive. Got flights for 55 pounds each, So all together 251 pounds for a weeks holiday. I know we will have to pay for taxis, but the package deal to the same hotel was 365 pounds each. I was well chuffed with that. Hope weather will be good. I have not been to Majorca for about 20 years.
We booked at a very very good price with alpharooms last year to menorca. But we knew the place we wanted to stay. so we were just looking for the best price.
i have also used alpha rooms in ibiza and have booked with wintersunshine hols for majorca this year, would also reccommend broadwaytravel, thomascook and somewhere2stay for cheap accmmodation prices.
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