Holiday Complaints

Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
I would write to them and send the letter off through the post, recorded delivery, keeping a copy of what you type. Even if you are seething inside, try to restrict it to the facts, hopefully one sheet of A4 should cover it.

I also think it's helpful to be upfront and tell them what you want and think is fair, ie full refund, partial refund, contribution to a holiday next year with them, if you are willing to give them another chance, or just a letter of apology and acknowledgement of what went wrong etc

Emails, especially ones detailing complaints seem to get mysteriously deleted and I am not sure if they have as much credibility when you got to court as a letter. Assuming it comes to that.

If you have any hard evidence, photos, videos, tickets, invoices etc that are part of your 'case' dont let go of the originals

Good Luck, Doe
Thank you Doe ;)

I have sent a letter to them via post, signed for.

Not heard from them yet, but hope to soon.

Thank you for your advice.

Karen :tup
Please read my posts.
I have contacted TC numerous times, including via recorded delivery before my holiday (May 5th) and on my return. I have not heard a thing!
My complaint and subsequent claim for compensation is now in the hands of Ros Fernihough. If I were you; don't waste any time or money on calls, emails, faxes etc. Just send one recorded letter giving them 14 days from receiving it to respond and then contact Ros.
Thank you for your reply
I am still waiting for a reply from TC :(
Have you had any luck with Ros?

I wouldn't bother with the emails. I have sent numerous to Thomas Cook and put return receipt on them. First of all, they are taking over a week just to open them and I have never had a single reply.
Best bet is recorded delivery by post. Keep a copy of everything you send and dates you send correspondence to them.
the email address for the directors office of thomsas cook is i hope this helps
the email address for the directors office of thomsas cook is i hope this helps

Many thanks for that email address. Some years ago we had a problem which the rep would not acknowledge. I sent an email to customer services and it was sorted within 24 hours. The one you have given looks a better one.

It is always worth taking it with you just in case.


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