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For those attempting the above, Ryanair fly from Liverpool, Luton and Stansted to Reus, the nearest airport to Port Aventura (Universal Mediterranea).

I've seen flights from £44.00 return including taxes!
we did look at the no frills airlines from Liverpool, but the flight was more expensive for October half term.

We also found the hotel quite cheap on medhotels, but again got it cheaper with Thomson hotels.

Maybe no frills airlines would work out cheaper at different times of the year.

We are now currently trying to do a DIY trip to Turkey for May half term.

Hi Nicolaw

It all depends on when you book the no-frills - the earlier the better. But on saying that, Ryannair have flights on 22 October for 1 week for about £89.00 return inc. taxes, and Thomson's are £229.00!

But to be honest, I posted the info. on Ryanair for all those who are thinking of doing your idea of d.i.y. Port Aventura, rather than aimed at yourselves, who've already booked.

By the way, you're right, you do make fab. savings on this type of d.i.y. :D
I quite agree, just Booked a holiday for friends and as I have already done DIY myself thought I would check out Thomsons accommodation only. You are not going to believe what the difference was 2 weeks Half Board Hotel in July (school holidays) cost £970 for 3 adults in the room (and that wasn't the cheapest one was about £800) plus flights at £60 each from Liverpool and return Taxi £50 Total £1200. Pricing the same holiday through Thomsons holidays normal channels came out at £2300. Some savings don't you think. I actually found Thomsons accommodation came out cheaper than the other DIY agents eg Alpha etc which I was quite surprised at. Karen
That's great Karen. Who are the flights with?
They are flying with Ryanair from Liverpool. Karen

We booked last minute so hence the no frills airlines were more expensive.

Karen, where did you book the holiday to as that deal sounds really good?

When we went in October we also got the use of the rep, who was really good, the best we have encountered.
We would definately recommend Thomsons.

Unfortunately their DIY for Turkey is not looking so cheap so it looks like we may have to do a Thomas Cook Package.

Hi, I booked the flights Ryanair from Liverpool. They will also start flying from Blackpool in March. The Hotel was booked through Thomsons, accommodation only and it is at Playa Park Hotel. Karen
Where is Playa Park Hotel?

I wish there were more flights from the North I hate that we have to pay high supplements just to fly from Manchester. There are also places we would love to go to but since no direct flights from Manchester the journeys are too long then for our baby and 4 year old!

Sorry just me moaning!
Its in Salou, Costa dorada. A good family Hotel. Could you not fly from Liverpool/Blackpool?. If you consider DIY check out to find flights from Manchester, Liverpool etc and where you want to go, you can do a monthly, daily search etc to find the cheapest flights and then check out accommodation either using Thomsons or some or the others like ebookers,alpha etc. There are really good savings to be had doing it this way as you can see from other members on this forum. Have to go to work now, so if you have any more questions I will be back online about 6. Karen
Hi again,

We are thinking of going back to Salou May 2006 when the kids are a bit older to go on more rides.

I have found a flight for Turkey but can't get the accommodation I want.

Bye for now

Hi Nicky,

Maybe I can help you with your search for Turkish accommodation and also flights.

I am also in Liverpool and if you click the link below my name you will see my phone number on the site so give me a call and lets see if I can help you.

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