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Hi Anth -weather should be pleasant, normally it is around the late teens in the day so it should be fantastic over Xmas with the babies.

What hotel are you staying in?

We've rented apartment called las plumas think it's in-between torremolinos and belamendina
Hi Anth, your apartment is in La Carihuela, a resort which myself & member Sanji love 👍 Excellent choice.

I was there for a few days last December & the weather was lovely, however I believe it can be changeable.

You're not far from Calle Bulto which is traffic free & lined with restaurants & little shops, some of which you can walk through to get onto the very long, again traffic free promenade.

The promenade stretches from the Torremolinos headland to the marina at Benelmadena. Great for walking with the children. Along the prom is cafes, restaurants and, on the beach, lots of chirinquetos (Spanish beach bars).

Restaurants. La Tahona on Calle Bulto is good. They have a snack type restaurant then, on opposite corner, a bigger more formal restaurant. You get free bread & garlic butter, & their garlic butter is to die for. I could happily sit & eat it as a meal 😁. They have a varied menu to suit all. They also own the little bakery opposite which is lovely for freshly made baguettes 👍

I'm going again for a few days in December. I love this little resort. Enjoy.
We went there last Christmas and as Glynis has pointed out above the weather in December in Torremolinos can change quickly. Saying that though we have some lovely days and while it was a bit nippy on the odd day, I would highly recommend the trip. I think we may have been super lucky but we did spend Christmas day on the beach and it was just fabulous.

Thanks for the feedback guys very helpful any recommendations for Xmas lunch and is easy enough to get taxis from airport
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