China has one of the greatest and busiest rail networks on the planet, and trains interface pretty much every town and city. Chinese trains are a protected, comfortable, timely and modest approach to go around China, and a Chinese train venture is an involvement with itself, interestingly with less dependable and naturally hostile inward flights. This page will assist you with comprehension and plan train travel in China, and mastermind your train tickets.

Train times and tolls for most popular routes

- Beijing - Shanghai

- Beijing - Xian

- Beijing - Badaling (for Great Wall)

- Beijing - Tianjin

- Beijing - Guilin and Nanning

- Beijing - Kunming

- Beijing - Guangzhou and Shenzhen

- Beijing - Hong Kong

- Beijing - Macau

- Beijing - Lhasa (Tibet)

- Beijing - Ürümqi

- Beijing - Hanoi - Saigon (Vietnam)

- Guangzhou (Canton) - Hong Kong

- Guangzhou (Canton)- Macau

- Guangzhou (Canton) - Beijing

- Guangzhou (Canton) - Shanghai

- Guangzhou (Canton) - Lhasa

- Shanghai - Xian

- Shanghai - Beijing

- Shanghai - Hong Kong

- Shanghai - Macau

- Shanghai - Guangzhou

- Shanghai - Guilin, Nanning

- Shanghai - Lhasa (Tibet)

- Xian - Beijing

- Xian - Shanghai

- Xian - Ürümqi

- Xian - Lhasa (Tibet)

- Hong Kong - Beijing

- Hong Kong - Shanghai

- Hong Kong - Guangzhou

- Hong Kong - Hanoi, Vietnam

- Hong Kong - Macau

Huge slug pointInternational trains and ships

- Beijing to Ulan Bator and Moscow by Trans-Siberian railroad and onwards to Paris and London

- Beijing, Xian and Ürümqi to Almaty and Astana (Kazakhstan)

- Beijing to Hanoi (Vietnam) via train, onwards to Saigon, on to Phnom Penh and Bangkok

- Beijing to Japan by ship

- Beijing to South Korea by ship

- Beijing to North Korea via train

- Beijing to Taiwan by ship

- Hong Kong to Hanoi (Vietnam)

- Kunming to Hanoi (Vietnam) via train

- Lhasa to Kathmandu by transport and onwards to Delhi

How to check train times and fares?

For online train schedules in English between any two significant Chinese urban communities, utilize the excursion organizer at one of these destinations:

- www.china-Do-It-Yourself (likewise gives tolls, in RMB)

- (additionally gives passages, in US$)

Know that some online excursion organizers aren't associated straightforwardly to the Chinese Railways framework, they take intermittent downloads. One site may accordingly be more state-of-the-art than others. ChinaDIY's data ought to be 'live' and thusly current.

The authority Chinese Railways sites are just in Chinese, and

Free download: Chinese train plan in English

Chinese Railways master Duncan Peattie produces a fantastic schedule in English in downloadable .pdf design covering all trains in the public plan between approximately 1,045 stations the whole way across China, see Print it out and take it with you!

The eighth version is a forward-thinking schedule for the entirety of China, download at for £15/€20/$27.50, installment by PayPal.

As a free example and general guide, the seventh version is allowed to download at, and has heaps of helpful data, yet schedules are not cutting-edge and for instance it does exclude the new Beijing-Guangzhou high velocity administration.

Beijing and Shanghai metros

Beijing Metro: For a guide, see, indicating Beijing Main (Zhan), Beijing West (Xi) and Beijing South (Nan) mainline stations. Metro site Another easier metro map is at

Shanghai metro:

enormous slug pointMaps of the Chinese train organization

Attempt these online guides...

- - intuitive guide, you can look for a station or enter a train number to see the course taken by that train. Rapid lines appeared in red, exemplary lines in green.

- line map-big.jpg


- A slick little site that will plan the calling purposes of any train number you enter:

- Map of Beijing: Click for road guide of Beijing demonstrating stations and primary sights.