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What hotel is it that you have booked in what country? Is it possible that you could just keep the flights with TR and book the hotel either direct with the hotel or with another accommodation provider?

My understanding of providers like Travel Republic is that they have an allocation of so many rooms at a specific hotel for a season and do not inform the hotel of the names of those booked until a few days prior to people travelling.

It does sound very odd. Do you have any paperwork from TR confirming the booking into this specific hotel? If so surely it is their error and they should meet the extra costs?

If you can't find any easy solution, I would give Ros the solicitor who works with site a call. She is no win no fee, so gives free advice.
Basically the hotel that they confirmed as booking (confirmed via email) should have been more expensive than they advertised. This was due to their website 'mapping error'.

They're now saying that we can have a refund or pay the extra to book into the confirmed hotel. Or have the 10% discount on any other hotel.

The email we got definitely says 'confirmation of booking' and names the hotel.

They are saying that because there are more than 12 weeks to go until the holiday they're allowed to make this change.
What is the name of the hotel you originally booked to stay in and how much was the original cost?

I'd keep the flights and accept the accommodation refund and book something more suitable if TR's other accommodation isn't up to standard.
First read this factsheet on The Supply of Goods and Services Act. See the 5th Key Fact about reasonable care and skill. The work they were carrying out for you was providing a hotel reservation service, they have admitted their guilt in not setting up the website correctly. By a "mapping error" I suspect they mean their reservations database identifies hotels by some form of code number, that code is (or should be!) in the website software so when you select one by name it converts it to the code and goes off to reservations to check. If the website has the codes mixed up it will check the wrong hotel. Given that the primary business of the company is reserving hotels you ought to be able to expect them to get this right. So they are in breach of contract. The big question is, was the flight part of the same contract between you and them (ie was it on the same invoice etc.). If yes it doesn't matter what their arrangements with their suppliers are, you want either the whole contract honoured or refunded.

They've probably got something in their Terms and Conditions which they claim allows them to mess you about like this but if they try to use it to cover up for a mistake like this they would fall foul of The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Although you have law on your side you don't have time. You could take the whole thing to the Small Claims Court but that would take about 5 months. If the whole deal is on one credit card transaction and they won't refund it go to the card issuer and make a claim that way due to the breach of contract.
I'm sure Steve is right in so far as they will probably have this wrapped up in their terms and conditions, although it might be found to be unfair in law, have you got the time to persue it ? Is the holiday at the end or begining of June as that might buy you time to sort it out ?

I still think you should give Ros a ring, as you have made a firm booking for a specific accommodation and you have a confirmation by email of what you booked.

Ros may have come across a computer 'mapping error' type problem before, whereas most of us on here won't have, as we are just giving our opinions as lay people and other holidaymakers.
This actually quite irritates me.

I'm sure the difference between the two hotels (3* & 4*) is negligible. It's not like they are giving you 5* for the price of 2*.

Also, offering you 10% off another hotel is really tight. If they have erred, they should offer you something at nett (i.e. 20% minimum, most likely to be 20-33%), and not still be profiting from their mistake.

They must realise that if you take up a few hours of their time complaining, they won't be saving anything overall.

Customer service is not what it was.
I agree - offering you 10% is no big deal - its fairly easy to get a 5% discount on their site using various codes that can be found on this and other holiday discussion another 5%, is less than generous.

Take the refund and go to another accommodation provider such as or
Hi smallprint,can you tell us what happened in the end with your complaint.
regards Maryb
I've just had almost the same thing happen to me. I booked my flights and hotel through Travel Adviser three weeks ago and today I got an email telling me that the hotel I've booked isn't actually available. I booked a three star hotel and the only hotel the are offering me is a 1 star which is a mile or two from the hotel that I had booked partly due to it's location. I tried to just cancel the whole holiday since the new hotel is completely unacceptable to me but they have told me that they can only refund the hotel. Because I'm flying out in 9 days the hotels that I want to stay in are either no longer available or stupidly expensive. I've just had to pay them an extra £200 for a three day holiday which brings the cost to far more than I was willing to pay in the first place.
I booked my flights and hotel through Travel Adviser

Did you mean to say Travel Republic (as per title of thread) or are you talking about another company? However, whichever one you mean, this is always a risk to take into consideration when booking a tailor made holiday or DIY. Unless you are being sold a 'package holiday' the agent is under no obligation to refund all parts when something goes wrong with one part. I do sympathise with you as I've booked separate flights and accomodation myself and would hate to be fobbed off with lesser accomodation than I'd booked but as I said if it's a risk you don't want to take, I'm afraid a package is the way to go.
Did they actually tell you why your holiday hotel is no longer available?

If the hotelier has overbooked you then I would look for them to offer you an alternative of the same or higher rating.

A package would have given you more protection to ensure the above was offered in the event of your original hotel not being available - it is likely to be different if flight and accommodation has been booked separately.
Sorry, yes I did mean Travel Republic, I spent much of the afternoon looking at hotels reviews on Trip Adviser which is why I managed to come out with Travel Adviser. I'm absolutely furious because if you book a three star hotel in a location with great transport links you don't expect to be told a week before your holiday that you are going to be put in a 1 star hotel a mile or two away from your original hotel, if I was offered another 3 star hotel in the same area I wouldn't be as annoyed. I spent the whole afternoon on the phone with them and spoke to a total of ten different people and they gave me the excuse that the company they booked the hotel through has screwed them over and seemed to think it was fine to try and put me in a worse hotel in a location that I never would have booked a hotel in because if I booked that hotel today it would have been more expensive that what I paid three weeks ago. Of course it's more expensive because I'm traveling in nine days, judging by their website the new hotel is about a third cheaper than the one I booked. I'm most annoyed because they left it so late to tell me which has severely limited my options and made the hotels that are available so much more expensive. The hotel that I normally stay at was still available when I booked and was about a tenner cheaper than what I paid. Because it's so late notice I've ended up having to pay an extra £200 for a new hotel for the three days that I'm there which is more than I've ever spent for a week. If I'd known that I would end up having to pay £300 for a hotel I never would have booked the holiday in the first place. I've already sent an email to ABTA to see if they can help me out. I couldn't find an email address for Kingston trading standards so will have to wait until tomorrow to phone them.
Might be easier if you contact
Consumer Direct

I would suggest that you edit down your complaint into bullet form. That will make it easier for all to understand. People tend to tell the story and it quickly becomes a ramble/rant - we are all guilty of it. Within what you write are some very valid points but they get lost. For example you are furious but then they already know that as you are complaining. Stick to the facts.

Whilst you travel in nine days it will obviously take much longer to sort things out. Keep us posted as I am sure some of our members will try to assist you in resolving things.

don't build your hopes up about ABTA!

There is one big question to be asked here - and you're unlikely to get an answer without a mole or accidental disclosure.

Why is the hotel now not available

If they had booked it when you asked and it has since burnt down /gone bust etc. then what has been said about lack of Package Holiday protection will apply.

But if they have only just got round to booking it, but had booked the confirmed flight straight away, and now find they can't get the hotel then they aren't on as solid ground. You can chip away at their defences on the grounds they caused the problem by poor business management.

And if they are still having the "mapping" problems disclosed 3 years ago they should be taken apart.
they gave me the excuse that the company they booked the hotel through has screwed them over

Well, it might be true - Travel Republic do use other agents/bed banks for hotels rather than booking them direct with the hotel themselves. For example, I have used them a number of times to book hotels in Spain and it has always been done via Jumbo Tours at a price that is much cheaper than the hotel were quoting for a direct booking which is why I've been prepared to take the risk. Your confirmation should tell you who they booked the hotel through. In which case have you approached them direct to see if they are prepared to tell you

a) Why the original hotel is no longer available,

b) When they informed TR of this,

c) and finally, deal with you direct and offer you a more suitable alternative that is acceptable to you?

It would be interesting to try and find out whether the replacement hotel is what the original agent/bed bank are offering you via TR or whether TR are now offering you something from a different booker.

I have used TR on number of occasions without problems but their T&Cs make it clear that your contract is with the agent/bed bank not TR and hence there is always a risk when booking through them that if the agent/bed bank does screw up then you don't have much comeback against TR.

Why don't you try ringing/emailing the hotel? someone will answer if they are still open...........
Digressing slightly but the title of this topic originates back in 2008. As usual the OP could not be bothered to come back and update us. If they had just taken a few minutes then we would be better able to assist this time.

I know, I have booked with TR this year so was reading this with interest and there was no outcome :que
Hi. Sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to this.

It's definitely a case of overbooking, I was told this by a few different people at Travel Republic. When I was checking out the pretty pictures on the Hotel's website after I booked through TR I noticed that they were fully booked until the day before I was arriving - I remember thinking that it was lucky I hadn't waited an extra couple of days to book it. My accommodation voucher for the first hotel says that the accommodation provider is the hotel itself (this makes sense since it is an independent hotel) whereas the voucher for the hotel that I had to pay extra for because I wasn't happy with the hotel the offered me says that hotelbeds is the provider. The email they sent me about the change of hotel only mentions TR Contract Hotels which I assume is part of Travel Republic. Someone on the phone did mention a hotel beds provider but I was rather distraught at the time so I don't remember what it was. It does seem that their contract was directly with the hotel and they just tried to palm me off with something that they could get cheaply.

I've decided to wait until after my holiday to make a formal complaint because I don't want to annoy them too much before I travel.

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