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You talk a lot of sense Sanji. :D

Twenty years ago I also used sunbeds although not extensively and used to roast myself during my annual 2 weeks in the sun although I have always used creams, but I dont remember them having factor numbers then so I'm not sure how effective they were. At the time the tan seemed all important but now I am over 50 I have become a lot more cautious.

I think your hubby would find me odd too as I also like to sit by a pool or looking at the sea but rarely venture out from under the parasol these days. I still get as much pleasure from this as I also just want to be out in the fresh air. I'm sure my skin is in a worse condition than it should be due to the exposure 20 years ago.

Hiya Doe
I'm convinced that my skin is in the condition it is today because of the way I sunbathed and I didn't look after it
I think the suncreams that we used over 20 years ago were just a bottle of toxic chemicals, so if the sun didn't kill you, the suncream would with prolonged use. :lol:
Many of those chemicals have since been banned and I think there are only 3 main ones now.

You're right about the some bottles not having the SPF numbers on them and the Star system (UVA) was introduced for the UK by Boots in 1992.
I used to buy Amber Solaire oil and some Hawaiian product with a sun protection of 2 or 4, and I knew a colleague who used to go to Bulgaria as far back as 1984 and she always came back with a great tan"¦would you believe she used pots of men's Brylcream, :shock: which had no protection at all and she must have been like a lump of lard on the beach.

The SPF numbers were even more confusing because people thought that if you bought a factor 15, it would somehow stop the sun from giving you a tan and if you bought a factor 4, you would get a quicker tan than using a higher number, so that information led to a generation of people using low numbers which were inadequate, infact a SPF number of 25 + was unheard of.

We were ill advised about the use of sunbeds too, we were told that sunbeds were safe because the exposure time could be programmed/timed and that the UVB rays had been filtered, but we didn't know about the damage that the UVA rays were doing and people were mis-lead into believing that the UVB rays (which make you burn) they had been "diluted" down into tubes so using a sunbed was a safe way to tan.
Sunbeds use both UVA and UVB light "¦the dominant type of ultra violet radiation being thrown out by sunbeds is UVA.

An easy way to remember is
UVA = A is for Ageing.
UVB = B is for burning.
Both "overlap" and can cause skin damage, cancer and ageing, it's not as "clear cut" as above, but it's a good basic mantra.

It's interesting that a few members who are in the same age group as me, we all are saying the same thing and if a general survey was undertaken, then I'd bet that a generation would be saying the same things.

I could write a book with the stuff I have read on this subject, most of it is very conflicting.
Cutting out the sun by using total sunblock is leading to Vitamin D deficiency, (which alone can cause cancer) and we now have reported cases of childhood rickets because parents are smothering their kids in chemical sunblocks one minute they are being told to protect their kiddies, the next minute being told that lack of sunshine is bad for your health.
Vitamin D also has an effect on the immune system, so kiddies/adults may be susceptible to more infections .it's a catch 22 scenario
Ethnic children are at a high risk of Vitamin D deficiency because of the religious dress and not enough sun in the UK.

Some sunbeds salons and their practises leave a lot to be desired, they have no safety checks on either the equipment or the training of the staff using the hazardous equipment, they don't ask important health questions and take the recommended safety precautions when allowing the general public to use what you could describe as a very dangerous piece of equipment.
We need the sunshine, it is a vital component for health, but the sun and sunbeds are silent killers and both need treating with respect one we can't live without"¦the other we can.

We had a guy in from cancer research to give us a short talk a couple of weeks back. The main cancer which is on the increase is mouth cancer. Of those cancers which are still not having a reduced number of deaths skin cancer is the one with the highest numbers. That surprised me at the time as I thought it had been so well highlighted over the past 10 years and I thought that people were more aware.

I know I will never go on a sunbed again, not that I ever did to any great extent.
I read an article yesterday on bbc news website about a 29 year old with kids who died of skin cancer apparantley she used it every day from being 14 to being 21 (when all the warnings came about) so after seven years abuse she developed a mole and then eventually died.So you dont have to wait up to twenty years sometimes to see the damage it can happen quickly too.
I would never use a sunbed for any reason, even if i was getting married its not worth the consequencies.I do like the sun however to a point and use lots of suncream, and even at home when its hot I never take my kids out without suncream on and more supplies with me to top up. 8)
I had a few people giggling at me every day on my holiday recently because of the copious amounts of suncream they perceived that I used. I just figured you should slather it on liberally. One of our pals didn't even finish one bottle of suncream in the whole fortnight. We are still not really looking after ourselves properly and only doing so it often seems if we visibly burn.
i start on the sunbeds about may(if it`s warm enough)i only do 4 mins twice a week, then in july i go to 8 mins 2/3 times a week..i`m off to egypt 22 july so i should be ok for then..and it means no burning. i don`t bother when i come back..just wait until next year again.

I used a sunbed 6 times before I got married 8 years ago, other than that I never have again and never will.

I'm fair skinned and don't sunbathe much on holiday (infact we aren't great ones for lazing on the beach or by the pool anyway, we prefer to be off doing stuff) but on the chill days I'll go out very early in the morning for an hour or so and then get in the shade the rest of the day. I'm also quite 'moley' so I'm paranoid about putting cream on, even in the UK.

A girl who works in my office is the same age as me and has used sunbeds for years and consequently is now using botox to keep wrinkles away! And even worse is the fact that she has had treatment for skin cancer and STILL uses them! :roll: I just don't understand her attitude - there are perfectly good fake tan products now, why doesn't she just use them?
i go on 8 times before in 2 weeks before my holiday. just to give me a base
i started going on them last year as normally on holiday i burn in blotches and also get a bad rash and after last years sunbed i got a nice even tan and hardly any rash, i will start going on once or twice a week from june ready for my holiday at beginning of aug
I love the sun and sunbathing but have never been on a sunbed. My face is getting one or two age spots despite always wearing a hat and glasses. As a result I've started using factor 50 on my face - a case of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted, I'm afraid :(
I have never used a sunbed, and never will , much too boring. I have done my share of sun worshiping in the past and although never been sunburnt, have the age spots to prove it,
I have not sat in the sun for a good few years now , and find I get a lovely light tan in the shade , without getting hot and bothered .

xx lassi
Hi, I’m wondering if you can help. I’m a red head and have very pale sensitive skin. I’m going to Tenerife the end of September and wondering what I can do to stop me from burning? Do I attempt to go on the sun bed. Anyone else got any tips
Dinner will defiantly help. My wife is fair hair and pale skin and does it for a few weeks before and it helps her to not get prickly heat.
Hi Lara I'm blonde with fair skin & used a sunbed this year before my holiday to Fuerteventura.

I rented a stand up one & put it in spare bedroom. I didn't go on for long just 3mins per day for 2 weeks.

Use a high factor sunscreen. I use Calypso Dry Oil spray factor 30 & it suits my skin fine.

I also take an antihistamine once a day about a month before I travel & whilst on hols to help prevent prickly heat. 👍
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