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Take a look at http://www.andalucia.com they have many property companies with on their listing which may give you some ideas. Scoya.
anymore idea's people ? has anyone actually done this and succeded ?
:) Put 'rustic fincas spain' in Google and you'll be able to spend the next few months going through them all.

Unless you have an agricultural background of some sort and/or going to do it on a very grand scale, I don't recommend trying to make a substantial income out of either olives or oranges. Most of the locals around here with years of family experience either let them fall without harvesting or use just what's enough for their own family use.
Are you really sure that you want to be an olive or a citrus farmer, even though Southern Spain is really lovely to live in? Really?? I just think that sometimes the dream is better than the reality, as you are only likely to make a precarious living, and if the truth be told ... have you honestly got enough agricultural experience behind you to sink your fortunes into two crops that you cannot grow in the UK?

If you really are serious, Alan.es has given you good advice and a good starting point, but if not, or if you're not sure, don't risk it! Enjoy the dream, but live in the real world.

(And if I'm a sad old wotsit, not able to appreciate the finer points in life, so be it.)
Dolphin I thought you was moving to Cyprus :?:
Alsacienne- My husband comes from an Agricultural background he is now 34 and has been working on Farms all his life, he now owns his own Agricultural Engineering company and i have worked on Farms doing Vegetables for the Supermarkets on and off all my life so we will not find this difficult not like some people do when they try it with no Agricultural background we are prepared to put in the hard work, we are going over to Spain next week to look at some properties, we are fed up with the English rat race, weather and TAX TAX TAX

Gooligan-decided to give Cyprus a miss because we have always wanted to do the farming thing and if we were coming to Cyprus we were going to do the Bar/Food thing but have been put off by people who said the Rules and Regulations have changed on the Bar front and not only that it will be an all day commitment with really little time for ourselves.
All the very best to you and your husband, Dolphin. Look forward to hearing from you in due course about how things are panning out.
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