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Have a look at They have a good selection of hotels just minutes walk away.
But, I want your opinion. I have reviewed but, I feel they just doing marketing of the hotels. I want truth about hotels which give proper facilities because I am traveling with my grandparents.

Please help me. If you know something.
There are reviews on the booking websites that may help with your decision in the meantime.
I think that you might have better luck finding out more detailed information via the Mecca/Makkah forum on Tripadvisor because that has a much bigger, international membership - unlike HT whose membership is much smaller and more concerned with travel to the popular holiday destinations favoured by UK tourists. Tripadvisor list 2 'destination experts' who can probably offer you a lot of detailed advice.

Also, they have reviews for loads of hotels in the city too that you can read.

I frequently travel with my elderly mother and find that it is helpful to contact the hotels in my shortlist direct in order to checkout the details or any specific questions that I have re suitability for her because she has limited mobility eg a walk-in shower rather than one over the bath is an essential so it would be worth your while doing this once you have whittled down the options to a shortlist of hotels in your price range. I would suggest that this is often best done by email because you can then take a printout of the conversation with you as back-up just in case of any discrepancies between what was said and what you find when you get there. I've never had any need to produce it but perhaps that is because reception staff know that unlike phonecalls they cannot later deny that they promised you a specific facility if they have committed themselves in an email?

I have never been to Mecca/Makkah but I understand from a number of friends who have done Hajj that there are a number of specialist travel agents that could perhaps put together a package for you that would give you the added security of your trip being ATOL/ABTA bonded.
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