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Im a candolim girl.
I love the amazing choice of restaurants and shacks there.
I love people watching while im sitting on that beach, trying to say no thanks to the beach seller that trys to sell me my 25th sarong.
Getting recognised by shack owners even though its been 4 years since my last visit. (how the hell do they do that)

Ill always go up north or down south for a few days away but i love coming back.

Its the perfect mix of madness but yet you can find a peacful spot if you want to.
I too like Candolim.It is a bit more laid back than manic Calangute(which also has its charm).

For a first timer maybe Candolim would be a more gentle introduction to the madness of Goa.

Agree with both MazD and Papa - Candolim was our 1st place to stay and has been for 10 years now. Love the manic life of Calangute / Baga, and the great beaches down south, but Candolim No1 for me.
I love Calangute for it's 'Indian' atmosphere.
;) Same here Calangute every time - love the atmosphere and general buzz. I also love Palolem though ;)
Calangute every time for me, it has a buzz about it that I have never tired of.

Always do trips to the quieter beaches when I do want some peace.
Love Arpora. Have stayed there for 2 months for the last 10 years. Some good restaurants and bars. Everyone knows everyone else, but the hustle and bustle is just up the road if you want it. A quick trip on the bike to the beaches up north for a change of scene.
Have to agree with Goangirl, Arpora,a great ecscape,but also close to everything
We always base ourselves in Candolim and always will I believe as I love that we are close to the Calangute chaos but far enough away. Candolim was the first place we went in 2001 and what made us fall in love with Goa. Yes it has changed beyond all recognition (and IMO) not for the better BUT I still love it there.

I do love Palolem and Agonda though and spending a couple of nights in a beach hut.

Candolim for us.
We know so many people there now.
It is quieter than Calangute.
More choice for places to eat during the Day & Night.
Head off to the South for a couple of days each year for easy swimming breaches.
We like Calangute for the buzz, and the candolim end for the beach ;) Also Baga in small doses at night :rofl :rofl
We dont really worry which resort we stay in as taxis and tuctucs are so cheap and you can get a bus from Baga to Candolim for 10 rupees or hire a scooter for around £3 a day so our main priority is a good clean hotel and take it from there.
Never stayed in Calangute, so only have opinions based on day trips there etc. I found it very very busy in places but it certainly has more of a feel of India than either Baga and Candolim. First time we went we stayed in baga and although we did enjoy it , looking back it hasn't the charm of Calangute but has the bustle.
Since then we have stayed in candolim, less like India, more of a resort but has busy bits and quiet bits. Near enough to all the other stuff you might need,but far enough away if you want peace and quiet.
We will definitlley have to check out some of the southern resorts for comparison ,maybe next year!
I like Candolim, Calangute and Sinquerium.
Candolim for it's beach and restaurants and half way feel between India and Europe.
Calangute for it's India feel and hidey hole cafes and shops.
Sinquerium for it's peace and laid back attitude, which will get back back to it's rightful former glory when the move the River Princess.
I too like daytrips to different beaches in Goa especially the Northern beaches.
We have always stayed in Calangute for the last 10 visits and will be again when we go out next week, usually the same hotel. It is central for everything and great for the shops for everyday things. It is like a second home to us now and we feel as happy roaming around on our own as we do at home. We know so many people around there now. Also it still has the village life around it. We do love the restaurants in Candolim though and of course the lovely beaches in the north which we visit frequently. I agree Candolim has changed beyond all recognition in the last 10 years but there are still some nice quiet spots on the beach.
I like all of Goa in fact I love it lol, but I always feel that Candolim is just a little too 'European' having said that there are some lovely restaurants there , I have happily stayed there twice and will be back there in March ;)
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