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Wye Travel
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Welcome spicyspice.

I don't see any previous discussion about them on the forums, but appears to be a trading name of, an agency operating under the Hays Travel Independence Group.

David :wave
Thankyou so much for your welcome and the info :) I know, and knew they were part of hays, but didnt have a clue who wye were.
Seen some holidays for both advertised on TT, so will have a nosey into Wye, and see what extras they charge lol.
I too have travelled with another company from Ice Lolly and when I looked into their name they too were with Hays travel. I have used Hays for many years and had no problems and also with the other subsiduary company (the name of which escapes me) If you go to comapnies house and type if wye travel you might find details there... thats how I did mine last year.
As we have said several times in other threads, companies who are members of the Hays Independence Group are NOT subsiduaries or part of Hays. The "group" is a service Hays sell to independent agents comprising of things like training, access to bed banks, IT and possibly ATOL. The support they get from Hays and the ATOL means there is a good chance of a reasonable holiday but if things went badly wrong you'd have no claim against Hays. There are at least two other groups of this type (Co-op and Global) and dozens of independent agents trade like this.

Wye Travel is based in Guildford in Surrey, the check I can do shows two directors, Mr. Wye (hence the name, nothing to do with Wye Valley) from Guildford and one from across the border in Hampshire who is also the registered owner of the website. Mr Wye is shown as a director of several companies including yourholidays and a timber yard. Wye Travel only seems to have been running for about a year.

If a small company has access to the right reservation systems and is properly bonded (you must make sure you have a proper bonded package not a dynamic package) they can be good. Large companies mean overheads and don't guarantee financial security (ask TC) whilst small companies are cheaper to run but may not have people to help you if you have problems. Take your pick!

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