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Dutdibi Mevkii, Manolya Sok. Karg? Köyü 4/1, 48300 Fethiye/Mu?la, Turkey

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4 star resort claiming to be 5 star...
4 years ago

The boardwalk need for a couple of large fans to circulate some air. There is no airflow and it is painful sitting there.

Great shows they put on. All the TUI team are pretty good singers apart from 1 tall chap, he should mime the words.

Pilates yoga rep is nice and friendly but mr muscles who does the archery is only interested in what he looks like and how much he can eat.

Sports bar. Need to train staff there to make drinks. One barman dropped a glass of red wins which smashed spraying red wine up my daughters white shoes. He didn’t even apologise he left the glass for a while I had to warn guests not to step on it. I now have to get her white canvas pumps white again. Great outside shows put on in this area, difficult to get drinks tho because of the lack of staff.

Lobby/ piano bar. Piano player too loud the idea is tinkle to ivories not bash the **** out of them. Turn down mic too.

Seriously need to get more choice is beer(lager) as the Efes is dreadful gassy nasty stuff.

Ice cream parlour. Fabulous ice cream. Ice coffees and fab cakes.
Main canteen help yourself restaurant excellent food. Great choice. One night was local mushroom dishes had 2 helpings yum.

Sunset rest. Get the fans working as with all restaurants only air con is in the buffet restaurant. Lunch menu with processed bread is awful think it is call a highway man burger avoid at all cost I would rather eat a cheap McDonalds and I hate them ? . The peppered steak is more of what ya Brits call a traditional steak, tenderloin is slices of beef. Very tender and lovely. Adjacent 11-4pm is a lovely lady making Turk pancakes sweet and savoury, you must try and drop her 10 tip.

Beach. Stoney and sandy mixed you need beach shoes really not flip flops once in the water it is soft sand. The sun lounger area is very dirty looking we didn’t sit out there. Cabanas look nice but justify €50 to hire for the day?

The jetty is nice to sit on for a nice mid afternoon breeze a welcome as the pool areas is enclosed and there are no drafts.

You can climb down som aluminium step into the sea from the jetty so you don’t have to walk over the sharp sand.

Water sports. Usual prices £50-100 for 15 minutes of fun. They like to make their money.

Guided tour to Fethiye wasn’t guided. Dumped on the pavement and if you weren’t at the stop you were left behind.

Market is boiling and the prices are too high for cheap market stuff which is what it is. Stall holders are too pushy and the whole experience was really dreadful and I wouldn’t advise going.

Room bar it would be nice to have some spirits in it. It’s nice there provide bottled water in the room. We had 3 in our room but there was only 2 chairs on the balcony and for the first few days we only had enough towels for 2 people. Rooms were smaller that depicted on the website. Typical mis selling.
I would expect ice machines on the floors.

Lunch by the Italian restaurant is good, good pizza and fish and chips with a Turkish twist. Service is good.

Water sports is expensive and the boat trip doesn’t run unless there are min 4 people going.

SENSATORI app is poor. Gives you some detail of what’s going on. Nobody monitors email or text communication on there. Once you book something via the app you can’t cancel it. It is easy to add this functionality just lazy app writing.
TUI app is poor not allowing you to add your boarding pass to the iPhone wallet you have to keep going into the app, which if you have poor reception doesn’t always load. At least if it was in the iPhone wallet it wouldn’t need reception.

Shops walking to the main canteen it’s like walking down the hall of shame with all the shop assistants standing outside staring at you. Very uncomfortable. Someone should tell them to go in the shops and stop stalking people.

Archery was great fun anyone can go good instruction and some different challenges.

Safari and boat trip. Really enjoyed the Land Rover safari up to Hectors tomb and local village tour, Eric had some great local knowledge, one small niggle it would have been nice for passengers if the canvas roof was on the Land Rover keeping the sun off.

Boat trip was was a lovely big new boat fish salad lunch was excellent. Swimming in a few local bays was great fun.

Paying for the couple of a la carte restaurants is not worth it, at €20 extra per person. Same poor wine menu as all. Only 1 red worth drinking is the Turk Sulva reserve but at £90 a bottle I feel I am being ripped off. I bet it would only cost £10 tops to buy.

There seems to be a culture with waiters that you have to tip to get good service I always believe in tipping when you have had good service.

Spa we did an experience day 1 it was the VIP costing €140 each for a couple which was a Hammam, massage, oil rub, foot scrub, bubble tub and a glass of fizzy wine which it called champagne but it wasn’t, fruit. You can get a Hammam experience in Fethiye for around €20-30 so shop around as the hotel is pricey. We had a lovely 2.5 hours with our experience.

Dalyan Mud bath/turtles day- mud bath disappointing area very stoney. sulphur bath was lovely and warm if a bit smelly as expected. Lunch was average nothing special. Boat trip to the turtles stop at the tombs carved into rocks carved 2500 years ago.

Second part of the trip was to be transported from the boat to the top of the hill to see ancient ruins. There wasn’t much to see mainly rubble.
Last part was to head to see turtles as the trip was sold. I can’t imagine any turtles coming out by the amount of people and boats there. What a real disappointment.

Then going back to the to the hotel we had to stop at a load of hotels and drop offs.

This trip was really disappointing and not as described. Real 2 star trip sold as a 5 star trip. Would have expected guide to spend time trying to help see turtles.
Option to have crab at the end and they didn’t explain this before so we could make sure we had money. Poor organisation.
Supposed to be back at hotel by 5.30pm but didn’t get back until nearly 7.30pm by the third me we drop everyone off.

Around the pool. We really liked that there was a separate adult zone which was kid free. A great place to relax. Choices of cocktails are brought around by one really friendly waiter, choice of melons in the afternoon.

to be honest there should be more staff which is pretty much the same in all bar areas in the hotel there are not enough staff and you have to wait a long time for drinks. The drink to have much alcohol in and the are constantly give you diet mixer when you didn’t ask or normal mixers when you ask for diet. I constantly had to take drinks back wait again to get the correct drink. Very annoying, the slow service and lack of bar staff makes me think they are restricting drinks?

The resort is generally clean and tidy gardeners do a good job to make it look nice.
When in this type of place it is inevitable that you will get an upset stomach. I was there 2 weeks and have 1 each week which tells me more needs to be done with hygiene. One young girls who we spoke to was in hospital for 2 days on a drip, even though she went to the doctor in the hotel he failed to tell or the hotel failed to deep clean her room immediately to prevent spread, after 2 days they then decided to do it.
2 other ways the staff need to be trained in food hygiene:
1. Spray the tables in between each sitting this should include the mats, very occasionally did they spray the tables but they never sprayed the mats and cleaned them.
2. Bar staff need to stop pouring and handling the rim of the glass for customers as this is the quickest way to get germs from hand to mouth. One barmen constantly juggles the glass in the lobby bar, before making your drink he is constantly touching the mouth of the glass. He may think it looks cool but the bugs he is giving several 100 people is no joke. Everyone we spoke to was ill at some point during the stay SENSATORI.
In summary we had a nice time enjoyed the sun and the nice food, do I think this is a 5 star hotel, no sorry I don’t. I would say 4 star. Especially when you factor in the 3 star plane journey here.
My advice would be to fix some of things above so that future holiday makers can enjoy more of a 5 star experience.
Will I be returning to SENSATORI Fethiye, no I don’t think so. With the problems detailed here and the shambles that they made when we tried to book the holiday, I don’t think it is worth the large sum of money we spent for 2 weeks.

Travel operator: TUI

Hotel tip: Don’t do any of the trips in the hotel organise your own externally.

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