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Former Names: Aquamarine, Carousel, Nordic Prince. Arielle offes a traditional cruising experience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It has good lines, a modern look and a range of public facilities. Cruises are good value but can be busy. Interior d├ęcor is a mix of formal and contemporary styling. Arielle passengers tend to be mixed ages and European. When all cabins have double occupancy, the ship provides a space ratio of 22.6 tons per passenger and a crew to passenger ratio of one for every 2.5 passengers. At full capacity the space ratio is 20 tons per passenger and the crew ratio is one to 2.9 passengers.

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Sally Bundock
9 years 6 months ago
From the foul-smelling diesel spilling from the smokestack, to the piles of uncleared plates in the dining room, this ship is a disaster. I could not recommend it for anything apart from the geography, it does at least move from place to place. But the juddering engines, overcrowded public spaces, poor food, under-trained and under-supervised staff makes it a shabby experience.

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