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Hi i have just gotten back from goa, calangute yesterday
we met some really nice lads where we stayed and i have every intention of staying in touch with them
the only problem is the numbers they have given me when i send them a message it says it wont send
do i need to insert some numbers infront of the original number
the original phone numbers start a "9"
also will it cost me extra to text than normal
the same with calling them how much is it around to call indian mobiles?

I also have a landline number for 1 of them it begins with "0832" so what is the dialling code i need to insert before it
thanks and i hope someone can help
Hi to ring or txt a mobil i have 0091 i think its about 50pence to txt to goa not sure about phoning,Hope this helps.
It's 20p a text with O2. You dial 0091 before the number.
have a look for cheap phone calls to india where you bypass bt on the net.i use one and its 3pence a min.i can not remember what its called off hand though at the moment.
The code for India is 0091,but first go to your post office and ask for an international phone card,you can get a £5 or £10 one.We got a £10 one used it for 3 or 4 days,made loads of calls from my mobile to India then passed it on to a friend with £8 left on it.Ithink they last for a month or more If you are lucky you may even get free calls to India.
Use some of the prefix codes HERE and the call will only cost you 2p/min.

luci :wave
mine costs 10p with o2. there are some numbers that you can phone but i found them no cheaper.
We've got an International call plan with talktalk cos we have relatives in Spain. Calls to India from our landline have come right down. It costs about 75 pence for a 10 minute call to an Indian mobile.

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