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Does anyone know if a Lagos square entertainer called of late Helium high and had a catch phrase "you like me I like you 50/50 yeah" has retired or is still around? I have been aware of him performing for possibly 20 years or more.
Helium High is still very much around- he is my all time favourite entertainer!!!! He does most nights in the square in Lagos near the statue, two shows on really lucky nights! He still performs in his green sequin shorts, on his unicycle- when his 'family' will let him!

It's countdown- Showtime- One minute, six seconds!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad he is still around and performing. He changed the style of his act about 5 years ago but basically all the same elements with not so much unicycle. I was in Lagos for 3 weeks from June 15 to July 7th this year and didn,t see him once. It was probably the first time in over 20 successive years holidaying in Lagos I didn't see him. As you say "Showtime".
I missed him two years ago- I was gutted- it spoiled my holiday!

Hopefully he'll be there later this year. Not that I'm obsessed but I even made my boyfriend a green underpant man glittery birthday cake in his honour one year. Maybe I need to get a life!

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