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I would go for it - I have always said I would go on my own if the situation was so.
Ibiza is a great place and I think very suitable for a mum and child. We went to Santa Eulalia, great beach, shops, plenty of places to eat out if you want to (I have done that with my boys when my hubby was ill one night) and a friendly resort.
I agree with the last post, also escanna is a lovely friendly resort worth looking at.
Was just going to mention Es Cana. Small enough but not 'dead'. Ideal for children as the beach is narrow, lots of little shops to poke around in & very child friendly :tup
hi yummy mummy.......first time I ever went abroad I took 5 ...3 of my own , my step son, and my friends little girl who at the time was inseperable from my youngest...hubby refused to go...wasnt his type of holiday he off I went on my own....even now the kids say it was the best holiday they ever had....and if truth be know was mine too...was go for it...seems youve picked a nice place to go too....tweetie
Portinatx is a small and extremely pretty resort on the north coast , with fantastic little sandy coves , plus a handful of bars and restaurants :)

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