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Could you give us a link to this hotel as I've looked on the Thomsons site and though it is mentioned by name the only hotels actually showing are ones which have been up and running for several years. I may be able to work out where it is from the description. I've just got back from Sousse a week ago and many hotels are closed (either for refurbishment or otherwise) and there is quite a bit of building going on, though that is mainly apartments.
Looking on another forum for details it seems that this is the hotel Sherazada which is being renovated at the moment.
I wouldnt mind staying there myself as the location between Sousse and PEK is great. :tup
Well done Jean. I thought it was probably in that area but couldn't think where. If it is indeed the Scherazade it 's certainly in a good position but I personally wouldn't want to book a hotel until it was a bit more established and certainly not from an artist's impressiion.
Ive just looked on Google earth and saw it was next door to the Marhaba Salem complex.
I wonder if it will be exclusive to Thomson as there seems no reviews from UK guests?
I am looking for somewhere for the beginning of April but it seems that more insurance companies are taking Tunisia out of the European Insurance policy.. :(
Worldwide Insurance is very costly for us older folks. :duh
:tup One of the pictures on the Thomson webpage does indeed show the Scheherazade hotel taken from the beach side.
Sorry for the dely to my reply thank you all it does seem as though its the Scheherazade we will wait until some reviews come on and book late.

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