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not nowadays. I did use to take teabags. WE tend to just get from the local supermarkets now.
I still take Kenco or Nescafé 3 in 1 coffee.
Danish bacon and Cheddar cheese. Both generally unobtainable in Spain.
Can (just about) manage without cheddar for a week but have taken British Bacon on occasions and always take Earl Grey tea bags, as never seen them abroad.

More important for us are 7 dishwasher tablets, a few washing machine tablets, and one of those yellow & green spongey things. Even when you don't cook much you always have to wipe down.

Nothing worse than having to trek out buying boring stuff on your holiday in a mini mart & parting with €20 on boxes of dishwasher, washing machine tabs & scourers, then having to chuck out nearly full boxes at the end of the week (seems so wasteful). Especially when it will all fit in a tiny corner of a case.

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